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If You Could Be Fluent

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    … in any language – English not included – which language would you choose?

    I’d choose Chinese. It is such an amazing language.

    Over to you! Oh: and remember you can only pick one language.


    I think I would choose Latin.  It’s the base of so many languages.




    I listen to a lot of latin music for it’s upbeat, cheery feeling


    understanding it sometimes would be nice though. lol


    HaHa Kitty – You stopped me there. I used to think, and still do, that the study of roots and the comparison of languages would be more valuable being taught in schools than any particular language. I, for one, have looked at a number of languages in the past and do have technical books in several  – French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and maybe even more. I don’t know any of these languages to any extent except a little French but technical books can be easier to follow as many technical words are similar and diagrams are fairly universal, as is mathematics.

    To pick a language though – It would probably be Russian.


    If I was being practical then obviously German, they are our neighbours and I go there about once a month ( covid permitting) so it would be nice to be really fluent..


    But if it was a personal non practical choice I would love to be fluent in sign language. I can sign a little  hello, goodbye,  happy, sad, guinea pig ! yeah random I know..  But to be really fluent would be so cool.



    Ist ein Teil meines Hintergrunds preu’S’isch obwohl polnisch mir nie die Sprache beigebracht wurde, also habe ich etwas Niederl’a’ndisch gelernt und Deutsch gelernt also ist ‘U’bersetzen gut f’u’ mich

    So ist in German  so do long hand translate  and you can learn better and ist some good teaching forum,s i,m on 3 ,   so in german my  name ist .




    Noeleena, I feel Dutch is harder than German.  I’ve seen some similarities, but not enough for me to understand what I’m reading.


    Do I really have to stop at one? 😉 I love languages!

    I already know French (through an immersion program at school) and little bits of many languages… Studied Spanish and ASL in introductory courses years ago, but the others I’ve just tried to pick up some words to say Hi, Thank You, and such.

    I think I would pick Italian first. Not for a practical reason, but maybe because it sounds so great in songs I like? 😉


    Following on from my post above, just to show how these things often happen, I picked up a lovely book of artwork at the book exchange the other day. It’s titled ‘3rd International Exhibition of Picture Book Illustration for Children’. Some lovely pictures but, apart from minimal printed English translation, I’ve only figured out one word (a name) so far as it is printed in a language I know none of. As the book was published in Korea I presume it is Korean. Perhaps I’ll just look at the pictures :/

    ps: I have just entered ‘International’ in translate (from the title) and it does translate to the first part of the title in Korean so almost certainly. It’s all possible these days but I won’t be translating it all lol



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    English will always be my favourite language.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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