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    … between beauty or intelligence?

    It is an old question, but an interesting one. Personally, I would much rather have brains than vast beauty. Intelligence and personality are more important than supermodel looks or the suchlike. Having skills in mathematics and English, plus computing and practical acitivities matters more to me than wearing designer clothes. This is my personal preference.

    Over to you!

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    I’d like to be as smart as Albert Einstein had been.

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    Intelligence is tempting but with it has to come a sense of responsibilty  When he first witnessed an atomic explosion in July 1945 Rober Oppenheimer said ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’. In trying to achive his goal he had possibly forgotten the human cost that would come with it.

    Beauty, is fleeting and is far better when it shines from within.

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    I think it’s not an easy thing as they are not contradictory. Maybe I am the optomist but I think everyone is beautiful in their own way and attractive to someone.  Being a supermodel may be nice but can you imagine the stress of just a little blemish? Intelligence is perhaps a little more complicated as most people probably live at their level and have similar friends. Einstein was but a man. His circle was, at least as far as most of us are aware, of similar abilities. That said, he would maybe have not seemed quite so unaproachable intelligence wise. To warp his theories to some extent – I think both beauty and intelligence are relative terms. Both depend on your position in their spectrums viewed from the social position you are in.

    You don’t have to choose Kitty – At least if not pushed into an extreme, most people are intelligent enough to work on improving both their intelligence and beauty. How they choose to live is another thing.

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    I hope I don’t have to choose: because why can’t a woman be highly intelligent AND beautiful? Why should it be one or the other? I would still choose intelligence. I write this because being smart protects: whereas beauty alone does not. You can be the most beautiful woman on the planet, but if you’re dim you’ll still be bullied. This sounds incredibly pessimistic but – unfortunately – it’s true. Beauty won’t help someone pass an exam. It won’t kick anyone down. Being smart is the power. Only highly intelligent women reach the top in the world. If you’re weak, you are also perceived as being lesser and those flaws will be targeted. Take my sister: she is attractive but she is respected because she’s so smart. If she were dim, then she’d be targeted regardless of her looks.

    That is what I see and what I would choose: Albert Einstein is my goal.

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    Mmm intelligence out weights beauty however that said I know what it’s like out there. It’s dog eat dog if you can bat your eye lids and play dumb you get promoted if you play the game as a woman and look the part you go places. I don’t agree that that’s how it should be however I find that’s usually how it works. 🤔

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    Have just responded and private messaged you KitKatKitty as promised!

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    I agree that I would rather be smart.  I think I would have more to offer the world than if I were merely beautiful.

    I have to agree a bit with kelsbells in that attractive people are perceived as being smarter when compared to those who are not as good looking, even when they have the same or higher IQ.  I remember that there was a study years ago that even children in kindergarten believe that the prettier teachers were smarter than those who weren’t as attractive.

    I guess, it’s in our genes to pay more attention to those who are easier on the eyes.

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    You’re absolutely right, TestDummyC. It is usually assumed the more attractive the person, the more intelligent they are. Unfortunately, no matter how attractive a person, when they have to pass an exam, they need their brains. No amount of makeup can take someone to university, either.


    Word of the Day:  Sapiosexual (just learned that one)

    There’s hope for us, yet.  LOL

    ‘Shallow’ hit-maker Mark Ronson puts brains before looks as he comes out as sapiosexual


    Word of the Day: Sapiosexual (just learned that one)

    I saw that on a news site but refused to bite! There are so many words these days that maybe I will just let this one slip into the past LOL



    The terms of sexuality and gender are very blurred these days. It is a little confusing, actually. Still, people are what they are.

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