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If Your Doctor Told You

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    …you could not drink alcohol anymore, would you be devastated? Slightly upset but cope? What would your reaction be?

    Personally speaking, I have no emotional attachment to alcohol: I don’t need it to socialize, I don’t need it to ease my sorrows or cope with upsetting times. In short, I don’t need – or want – alcohol. I’ve been drunk a few times: each time I hated it. I haven’t done it since. Part of me hates drink: and I mean hate. I will drink a little so as not to look square. But, deep down, I won’t submit to pressure. At least when it comes to alcohol. I just won’t put myself through it.

    What about you guys? Do you enjoy a few bottles of wine. That is NOT a crime and I do appreciate people want to enjoy themselves. But I am not them. However, I never share these thoughts with anyone: and never will. Except now, perhaps. Anyhow, what would you be feeling if alcohol were banned from your life?

    I look forward to hearing your different opinions. Also, though, I am not trying to ram my beliefs down anyone’s throat. I do understand people drink and aren’t going to lecture anyone on the dangers of too much alcohol.


    I would be just fine, since I’ve already faced the decision on my own.

    The sugar content in alcohol makes it a very bad idea for me, a hypoglycemic. So, no sugary drinks for me! And even before finding out about my condition, I found that the cost was an issue and the taste was one as well!

    I do buy pina colada syrup and use that with coconut milk and pineapple juice. Nothing else needed! (Okay, sugary drink, but just a bit once a month or less… LOL)


    With me, it is often a change of lifestyle that tends to dictate a complete change in diet. I sometimes eat or drink something for years then suddenly stop. In this way I find it difficult to predict anything.


    Not a problem, I rarely drink anyway.

    I doubt I would miss the odd glass of wine or Bailey’s.


    I feel angry.


    not so much because I drink it (I don’t really drink it that often), but because I hate being told that I can’t, or shouldn’t do something


    it’s my life and I will do what I see fit with it regardless of what people say.




    I imbibe every once in a while, but I can easily live without alcohol


    I think we’re on the same page, TestDummyC. Plus, there is more to life than alcohol.

    I happily see others drink but feel no pressure to drink myself. I’ll certainly enjoy the odd tipple, but it wouldn’t ruin my night out if I went without that tipple.



    Years ago some some 60 as it is i had decided never to drink any, many reason,s the man who was meant to be my father did i saw even 5 years before what it did , later when i went to work  age 15 1/2 and was invited at the xmas end of year get together i just said i,m the driver and after that no one asked me again fact is i drove school bus runs and passinger  service bus,s plus heavy  truck,s and other type,s ,

    What i saw was i cant afford not to be able to drive, and i quess my life was alot more simple ,

    And even at age 73 i still dont or need to.




    That’s interesting, noeleena: being a driver is such an important job and you knew instinctively you couldn’t drink, as driving was – and is – so vital. Alcohol certainly does impair judgement and driving concentration is greatly reduced. I remember years back – in the 1980’s – the adverts on TV saying “Don’t drink and drive”. A car is a fast moving metal machine: if the driver has been drinking, their concentration IS impaired and this causes accidents. Of course, you are well aware of this, noeleena.

    I also hope when I am 73 years old, I continue to not drink and to not need to drink. I don’t drive BUT alcohol makes me clumsy, dizzy and sick. I just cannot handle alcohol. After 3 or 4 glasses of wine I’d be unconscious, anyway. I don’t actually enjoy the feeling of being drunk or intoxicated, either: and I write that from experience. Years ago I tried drinking: I couldn’t do it. I felt like sh*t. I HATED it.

    Basically, that’s my personal experience of drink.


    I’m not a big drinker, so no it wouldn’t bother me.

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