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    It is wrong to have girls showing their vaginas. I don’t want my boyfriend to be staring at another nude women.

    It is disgusting and morally wrong. Women- how do you feel when your bf / husband is sitting next to you staring at her. I am an 27 year old female.


    It definitely can be offensive. So I see your point. I replied to a similar post on here. I am sure more people will offer their opinions soon.


    Maybe it’s the type of women I have relationships with (or maybe not) but all of mine hated it and I was forbidden to watch anything on tv with female nudity unless it was subtle. So maybe your bf needs to get his act together and switch channel when it comes on.


    I have noticed a lot films involve nudity – male and female alike – but if I am watching a film on TV I take note of the time it’s shown on TV: after the watershed there will be graphic scenes and just check the censer age on DVDs. If I’m watching a DVD with my sister, we just stick to children/younger person films. Obviously, we’re both grown up but a lot of films we won’t watch together. It’s like I wouldn’t watch “Fifty Shades Of Grey” with her. I would with my close friend. It is just a case of respect.


    I thought of the watershed the last couple of days as I have been watching ‘A Touch of Frost’ on the TV in the afternoon. I am hoping it is just the blanking out of bad words in the dialogue due to the time of showing and not the TV going wrong 😕


    I just avoid watching late night TV with my family! I don’t like watching sex scenes with my siblings, as it makes me very uncomfortable. But if I’ve watched the film before and know its content, I may watch it with family. James Bond is an example.


    I probably wouldn’t mind it. To be honest, I actually wish we had more male nudity on the movies. I don’t have/never had a boyfriend before, but I wouldn’t mind he staring at other women since I’d look at naked men anyways.

    (I never had a relationship before, so many people might disagree on what I just said 😋)

    Indeed, nudity is everywhere now, not just in movies. It would be better if the producers invested even in costumes that stimulate the imagination, not reveal everything at once. Even ordinary tights would help here, and it is not so expensive at the Blue Rose Shop.
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    We do live in a much more liberated society: gay people are usually accepted, people don’t discriminate because of skin colour anymore… the list goes on. I suppose films can often reflect real people and real lives: and that includes nudity. But I do agree there is a time and place for such things: like you wouldn’t watch porn with your son or daughter, or you wouldn’t talk about sexual matters in the middle of Tesco. That is what the watershed is all about. That’s what I think.


    Of course, you need to know if the movie in question is appropriate. Some of them will obviously get something NSFW.


    I personally would not have an issue with my significant other watching another naked woman on a tv show/movie. I know he cannot act out and do anything with that woman. So, it doesn’t bother me whatsoever. Now if he was ogling a live naked woman, there would be trouble haha. Unless he was in a drawing class and had to render a live woman.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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