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    Do you have a favourite?

    I dont really or at least I didnt until recently. It started last week when on two occasions I walked elderly people one of whom was visually impaired to the correct aisle in shops because staff were too busy or lazy to do so. On both occasions I saw the person ask staff where something was and on both occasions they got a finger pointed in a vague direction with the instruction …its down there on the left/right.


    Then I went shopping in town for Christmas gifts. I couldnt find half of what I wanted and I wasnt asking for  hens teeth or anything rare just childrens toys and underwear.

    In one shop two girls were chatting away and looking at phones I stood at the till and caught the eye of one who then said to her friend in a really contemptious tone … Hang on a minute Ive just got to deal with that..Nodding in my direction.

    In a toy shop I saw the science kit I wanted for my granddaughter but to my surprise it was on special at nearly half the online price. So of course I snapped it up but at the till they asked me the full price. I pointed at the sign on the shelf just opposite the till and said I dont think so its on special.. With that the girl got out a booklet full of special offers and started thumbing through.. ‘I cant see it in the book ‘ she said. I pointed at the shelf again and said …well the price is clearly marked on the shelf. look.  She marched out from the till, pulled the sign off the shelf , turned it over in her hand as if  she didnt believe it was real and said …Well I supposed I will have to adjust this price then.

    To other questions in a major clothing chain I was told ‘I dunno’ and ‘if it isnt on the shelf we aint got it’ Reactions and phrases that make me want to slap those involved…


    I came home and sat in my comfy chair went online and while I drank my tea I managed to order all those things I had been unable to find in town. No snotty shop staff or I dunno types just peaceful easy click and send…

    No wonder the high street is losing out if this is the standard attitude of shop staff, after all who wants to pay to be treated like an inconvienence?

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    I wrote about a similar experience about 1.5  years ago, when I was attempting to purchase a designer suit…

    Yesterday evening, I experienced the scourge which now is American “brick and mortar” retail. Any time I needed a suit or a gown in the past, I had gone to the Dillard’s in a nearby mall. This mall, much like many in the US, is pretty much dead; and the store was converted to a giant sales rack. So, I traveled to the other end of town to the Dillard’s in another dying mall.

    The clothing department was devoid of customers, and two nice female sales associates asked me if I needed help finding something. They directed me to another part of the store, where I would find a suit in my size to try on. Lo and behold, ALL the fitting rooms at that end of the store were locked! I pressed the call button to summon a sales associate who never came.

    Needless to say, I left empty-handed; and I won’t go back there again. I’ll have to find another place to buy suits.

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    I much, much prefer Internet shopping. Real shops are crowded, sweaty and I just don’t like them. If I had my druthers I’d never step one foot into a shop.

    Shops are necessary but they’re not for me. I think your experience the other day cassandra was shocking. Definitely stick with the Internet.


    had my druthers

    An interesting phrase I had to look up Kitty. I haven’t seen it before.

    Maybe I am lucky as staff have been generally helpful to me in shops. Particularly in some small shops, I can spend a while chatting to the assistant. It happens in the supermarket too and occasionally the person behind me at the checkout starts tutting or worse LOL. That is one reason why I prefer to go early as I seldom am holding anyone up. Apart from the supermarket I spend little time in town. I like to look around the shops but, with the parking, it’s not helpful. It was interesting to see in a ‘Bill Bryson’ book that one particular US town raised parking rates then realised no-one was shopping there anymore, so they reacted and lowered or abolished them. Too many greedy people here so town centres are doomed.

    Internet shopping is more convenient. It has it’s hassels though. I ordered some canvases for art on Sunday and was not let know that they were coming on Tuesday until less than a couple of hours before they came. Needless to say I was out, but I saw from their note that the depot was only a mile or so out of my way to art group on Wednesday so I picked them up Ok. These places have ample free parking so, at least for the mobile, are more a way forward.


    How is your art group going, SpinningJen? Are you still enjoying it? I’d love to see some of your art-work, too.

    I look forward to your reply!


    The art group is staggering a little at the moment Kitty as one or two members have moved away and another couple have gone. It is still going at the moment though but new members would be welcome.

    I keep doing things and have just about completed some of the oils I was working on. I’ll check in the ‘My Artwork’ thread in the next couple of days and see what I can update it with. At the moment I am working on quick sketches as I am getting a bit out of practice.



    That’s a shame, SpinningJen: I hope they don’t close down the group. Maybe advertisement could attract new members? Has your art tutor/teacher considered doing this online? I am sure many would love to attend an art class. They’d just need to know it was in existence.

    I will definitely love looking at more of your art-work, SpinningJen. I do believe drawing & painting is a great skill. Do you paint more creative paintings: not necessarily landscapes or people, but from imagination?

    I look forward to seeing your work.


    I keep thinking of doing more creative things Kitty but, except for the odd one, I never get there. We formed our art group when the classes were stopped but the tutor joined us as he lives in the same village where we host it. We are advertising at the moment but members are slow in coming. I live some miles away, and close to a much bigger group, so I am unlikely to attract members close to me. I try a bit. One or two of the members are online but it’s not practical except for sharing or messages. Most don’t use computers much or even have smartphones. It’s a nice ‘oldy worldy’ feel group in a village hall. Almost a getaway from everyday life. Attracting people is difficult as most worry about being good enough or not able to draw and don’t like to show themselves up. If you lived round the corner Kitty I would be pushing you 😀


    I suppose, SpinningJen, the older generation aren’t all computer-savvy. It would be great if they were, though. Still, even younger people are not all into this computer business. Thankfully I am, but what can you do?

    It seems to me that going to bigger art group might be best. It is a shame the smaller group you’ve mentioned have so few members. Word of mouth must not be enough. But – again – there is not much that can be done. I’d maybe cut your losses and go to the larger group.

    I also attended a drawing & painting class two years in a row a good few years ago now. I enjoyed it a lot. I am actually really good at art. I just don’t have the motivation to sit down and paint or draw anything anymore. It is a shame. Still, I use my artistic mind in my poetry. Your art-work is great, though: I think you’ve got skill and obviously enjoy it. In your shoes, I’d show other people your work. They would love it.

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    I have friends in the present group Kitty so shall not leave unless things do go downhill. There is another group a couple of villages away, although I think temporarily based further away, which would perhaps be one to go to as it is the area where I grew up. I think they will probably move back so it’s worth me looking then. I do show my work around more these days but am not really commecially minded, otherwise I would look for commisions.


    I prefer real shops. I like to go around and see people and stay there and watching things and take a cup of tea at the bar or a cake. And go around again and watch and buy. I don’t like online shops. They are boring. I like to go out and see people in the shopping center.

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    Where’s the love button Amleta! 🙂


    I prefer real shops. I like to go around and see people and stay there and watching things and take a cup of tea at the bar or a cake. And go around again and watch and buy. I don’t like online shops. They are boring. I like to go out and see people in the shopping center.

    This is what I love about summer markets, mostly the stall holders are local people and they have all day to chat about their goods some of which are home made. They are genuine people not someone who is just there to collect a wage packet.

    Then at Christmas time my daughter and I love the German markets and always laugh that we eat our way through the day sampling all sorts of things from the huge bratwurst cooked on open flame to the chestnuts and chunky bits of breaded cheese all soft and melty in the mouth yum yum ..


    Sadly the high street doesnt reflect this and the staff attitude is poor when it comes to customer service. Although quite often I find that if youre a tourist in a non tourist area you get attention because you break the boredom the staff feel about their work.

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    I like to do both, though I do most of my shopping online.  I spent a lot of money on Amazon last year!

    I’ve had mixed luck shopping at stores.  I’ve pretty much given up on places like Kohls, Old Navy, Dillards, etc.

    I do like shopping at Meijer, and heck I like Walmart’s Time & Tru brand.  I can’t find anything I like at Target anymore … I’m particularly fond of things to be extremely soft.

    I found these tights at Walmart, from a brand called Blissful Benefits by Warner’s.  They’re fleece-lined, and are both super comfortable as well as warm.  I can go out in freezing temperatures wearing a skirt, these tights, and ballet flats and not feel cold at all.  And they’re just so smooth, I’ve never found anything like these online.

    That’s one thing I like about real stores: you can find gems you weren’t looking for.  Online has like 100x the variety and selection, but sometimes I find it’s nice when you can just touch the fabric.

    I buy most of my shoes online.  I find it so convenient when you can get free shipping and returns, in case it doesn’t fit right.  Stores sadly just don’t have enough selection, I can go to a website like Amazon or Zappos and literally find thousands of pairs.

    I prefer online for jewelry too.

    I’m guessing my split is probably 80-20 in favor of online.  Going out can sometimes just be such a hassle … I can order right from my computer while I’m working and save myself an hour, and my time is precious to me.

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    I spent a lot of money on Amazon last year!

    I would likely spend far more money with Amazon if they were not quite so devious with their customer. On two occasions now I have accidently clicked their ‘Try Prime’ button somehow and then spent some time getting out of membership. I don’t use them often enough for Prime to be a benefit. I don’t like the way they are now implying free postage either when, in fact, you have to spend a minimum amount to achieve it. That would be Ok but some things do not count and you are not actually given the postage costs until you have gone much of the way through ordering. This is not uncommon online but not friendly practice. Although I buy somethings from them I do prefer to go elsewhere. I have noticed that often it is cheaper to deal with the company concerned, although I do realise Amazon have more power to sort problems with the order. I mostly do check companies websites these days and also use ebay.

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