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    I spent a lot of money on Amazon last year!

    I would likely spend far more money with Amazon if they were not quite so devious with their customer. On two occasions now I have accidently clicked their ‘Try Prime’ button somehow and then spent some time getting out of membership. I don’t use them often enough for Prime to be a benefit. I don’t like the way they are now implying free postage either when, in fact, you have to spend a minimum amount to achieve it. That would be Ok but some things do not count and you are not actually given the postage costs until you have gone much of the way through ordering. This is not uncommon online but not friendly practice. Although I buy somethings from them I do prefer to go elsewhere. I have noticed that often it is cheaper to deal with the company concerned, although I do realise Amazon have more power to sort problems with the order. I mostly do check companies websites these days and also use ebay.

    Amazon is my go to shopping market now and I now have a prime account.   I know exactly how you feel about accidentally clicking on the prime button when all you really wanted to do is check out.    It is very misleading.  Another thing is that I was purchasing another item an did not realize that I clicked on the reoccurring button so every month they automatically sent me that order and charged me for it.  That was not fun and it took forever to get resolved.   When it comes to clothes and especially shoes I prefer actually going to the shops.    It is just to hard to get the sizing correct online and I have spent a lot of time returning items.


    I’ve always had a wonderful experience with Amazon’s customer service, they’re one of the best IMO. They always fix things for me so quickly, and I love being able to get things resolved by online chat 🙂

    I find their Prime to be totally worth it, and I can get things as little as $2 delivered next day!

    Sometimes for clothes and shoes, I’ll order multiple sizes at one time, and then I just return everything that doesn’t fit. Amazon now lets you return at Kohls or the UPS store without having to pack it, you just bring your thing(s) in with your scanner thing on your phone, and they’ll take care of it all for you 🙂


    Ever since I read about how Amazon stocks their warehouses, I’ve been a bit concerned.  Sellers who ship their products (or have their products drop-shipped) to Amazon may be peddling fakes.  Amazon doesn’t separate the stock of fifty different sellers of the same item…it all goes in one place.  So, even if you buy from a listing posted by a legitimate seller, you still may receive fake merchandise due to the fact that it all comes from the same “bin.”

    For that reason, I purchased our solar eclipse eye wear directly from the manufacturer.  I wasn’t about to hand over my eyesight to some unscrupulous marketplace merchant.  Turns out, shortly before the eclipse, it was discovered that sub-par eye wear was sold.  The same goes for anything safety related, like child car seats.  I wouldn’t put my child’s safety at risk for a few dollars in savings.

    If the brand name is of no concern (like fast fashion), then go ahead and buy to your heart’s content.  But if you’re looking for a certain, well-rated brand item, you might want to purchase that item directly from the manufacturer’s site or a brick-and-mortar store if quality is important.

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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