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    I was thinking about introducing an interviews section on the forum. This section would involve regular interviews with our members and other people we look up to.

    For example, one week we may interview a member of Female Forum (don’t worry – for those that are shy, we can do this via email!). On another week, me may interview a woman that you admire.

    So, I need your opinions:

    1) Do you like the idea of an interview section?
    2) Would you be open to the idea of being interviewed/profiled?
    3) What Female Forum members would you like to see interviewed and why?
    4) What women (who aren’t members of Female Forum) would you like to see interviewed and why? (Please be realistic – it’s unlikely we would be able to bag an interview with Hillary Clinton!)

    Thanks in advance for your feedback 🙂



    well id like to see you bad hilary clinton first!

    Id be up for it, as long as the interview wasnt pages long that is, i have a short attention span lol!.

    its a good idea! 🙂


    I think this is a fabulous idea Martin. This is a very exciting new feature that is bound to attract more members to Female.

    Yes I,m quite happy to be interviewed.

    I,d like to see CB interviewed. I think it would be fascinating to read all about her life in Oz. I,d also like to see Safi interviewed because she lives in this really spooky house and she,s got a great character.

    I shall have a good think about other women I,d like interviewed. I don,t know if someone like Yvette Fielding would be realistic or not. It would just be fascinating to read all about the shows and all the spooky experiences she,s had, especially on some of the Most Haunted Lives. I,m a BIG fan of her shows.

    The other one I came up with was Jacqueline Wilson, (childrens author). She could give some great tips and advice to us budding authors. My daughter is a huge fan of her books.



    Oohh now you start something.
    My dream is to interview Derek Achora, now, this is a challenge i would like to set you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    An interesting idea I will have a think about this one, I did mistakingly read Hilary Clinton as Paris Hilton somehow, I was thinking well why would I want to read an interview with her.

    I really cant think of anyone of hand, I am quite happy to be interviewed and as for our members I too was thinking Saffi for her spooky tales. I will see what I can come up with tonight at work.



    I’d love to read interviews with the other members – randomly selected kind of thing unless there were requests. I haven’t had much of a chance to catch up on threads around the forum lately other than those received via email notification and am now dying to hear Saffi’s story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be great also as a ‘newsletter’ piece as well!!!!

    HAHAHAHA Souxi can you imagine how long my answers would be!!! Yes I’d be up for being interviewed but I pity the readers LOL. But thank you. I take that as a compliment. I’d love to hear everyone’s story’s so would find all the interviews interesting!

    I think I’d love to read interviews with people like Bill Gates. I read a transcript of a talk he did with students once which was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever read. As Souxi said, authors and artists as I’d love to hear where they got started and what they were like as kids growing up and their creative instincts as children. Where they find their inspiration.

    But mainly the inspiring stories of the ordinary, yet extraordinary people whose every day lives I find inspiring and courageous such as all those on this forum.

    Great idea Martin!!


    Hmm, interesting idea. Who you interview depends what the purpose is I guess – is the point to provide interesting content for existing members or to make the site more attractive to people who stumble on it, to encourage them to join? Because if you put up some really good interviews with existing members you could help visitors get a feel for what we’re like (but you’d have to be quite wide ranging with who you pick…). Interviewing famous people is also good, but as you say, getting big names is really difficult.


    I had an idea for another interview. A lady called Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE. She is the founder and chairman of Slimming World, and they have just celebrated 40 years. She did an interview in the most recent issue of Slimming World and it makes fascinating reading. She started from nothing and worked hard, very hard to get where she is today. She was awarded her OBE by the Queen in the 2009 Queens Birthday Honours List. She really is an inspiration to an awful lot of people.


    This is more a general idea but finding someone who had a dream and started their business from this dream could be quite inspiring, I was reading an interview with a woman a few days ago in a magazine, she founded the white company after seeing a gap in the market for white interior design goods and is now a multi millionaires.

    I have been trying to get a friend of mine involved with FF for some time now, she is 44 and about to take a trip to India to help in the orphanages over there, just staying with local people at her own expenses.


    That’s a great idea kez and you may be pleasantly surprised at the upcoming interview I’ll be posting in the next few days…


    I’d be OK at being an interviewer and interviewee!


    That’s a great idea kez and you may be pleasantly surprised at the upcoming interview I’ll be posting in the next few days…

    Sounds intriguing 🙂


    Yes it does sound intriguing!!! Can we have a hint Martin?

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