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Is Female Forum Still In Play?

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    I am sorry I have not been on here for a while: I have been posting on Women Only Forum. I am addicted! However, I have decided to stay on here for the time being. I certainly don’t want to overload Women Only Forum with my posts.

    Anyhow, it is nice to be back on here! And I do hope Female Forum continues.


    Nice to see you back – have also just private messaged you!


    Nice to see you back – have also just private messaged just now!


    Thank you, Rachel! I promise to get back to you later today.


    Look forward to hearing back from you!


    I want to split my time between the two places as well. There are features of this forum that I like, and we don’t have all of the same people yet – though you’re all invited! 😀

    I keep thinking during the week that I’ll pop in one day, or on the weekend – then the weekend gets there and I’m away from the computer except for streaming video… So, I’m using some Monday time while the two youngest are reading about dinosaurs with each other and don’t need my help!


    I like to pop in here too!




    Evening .

    Looks like i have missed something to do with the forum,s takes a while to find out, nothing new there,

    Okay so there are two forums or i have it wrong i try to keep up with details well looks like i,m not so maybe i,ll be told something at some stage,

    Danke = Thank,s



    Hi, Noeleena! I believe I’ve seen you on the other forum we’re talking about: womenonlyforum. I found it after Cassandra mentioned it in conversation, then more of us started hanging out there after recent problems here. Now we’re both here and there! 🙂


    Yes I pop back from time to time too!

    I don’t think the forum is doing itself too many favours currently though as there seem to be lots of bugs at the moment.


    I agree, Jen. We’re missing our like and quote options right now, and I don’t have my handy New Posts link at work, so I’m going to use the links in the email notifications I get, plus the Recent Discussions sidebar… That should keep me in the know, but if I miss something, send me a message (if that’s working) or pop into the monthly thread to tell me where the cool conversations are happening. LOL


    Yes, I found the view new posts in the last 3 days especially useful. I don’t check by email as I don’t like it to get too blocked up. I think the notifications are still working, at least for messages. Perhaps a way of trying it out @rebeccajpanda ?


    Evening ,

    Oh …lol,s yes i have been on the other forum for years well a story behind that as you,ll note not years it was from the first one and we had to change over as the first one was going and did close down so our crew, we did have a lose of a lot of our wrtten story,s and so on ,

    Okay i think i have it sorted now, thanks .



    I just logged in for old times sake, so thought I’d reply and say hi..

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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