Is it dumb to take a job making less than what I make now?

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    So I applied for a medical job. Making 1 dollar less than what I make now. But my current job is toxic and stressful and messing with my mental health :/ but the job I interviewed for seems better and like they actually take care of their employees. Whats more important?


    It sounds like a good move, in my opinion. Your health is important. What are the other long term benifits anyway? Are there better prospects for career progression? A point to think about is that even if your old job had better prospects your morale may be so low that you would not be motivated to progress. Having been in stressful jobs before I think a dollar less may be a good price to pay for better health. At least you will be more motivated with the job, or to look for a better one if you need to.


    Having a job you’re happy with is more important than having a larger paycheck. You spend your whole life at work: why do it just for money? Choose the lesser paid job and have a job you’ll love.

    A little wisdom.


    Work to live dont live to work.

    Go to any graveyard,  the stones say ,loving mother, beloved daughter , cherished wife.. not one says great career woman, top manager or best breadwinner…



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    I think it’s a good idea to take the pay cut as you stated the previous job was affecting your overall health and well being so that’s already a red flag. Change is always good and this is a fresh start to doing something I assume you love. I would suggest budgeting and buying necessities to help you feel at ease financially. I hope this helps 😊.


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