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    In the Netherlands Remembrance day is on the 4 th of May with liberation day on the 5th.

    On Remembrance day the Queen lays a wreath at the national monument in Amsterdam for those who fell, but all around the country people gather in towns and villages to lay wreaths and pay their respects to the fallen.

    Public transport including the airport remains still and quiet for the two minute silence at 8pm, all shops have closed early , no children will be on the street and motorists will often pull over to the side of the road..
    Public buildings and private homes fly the Dutch flag at half mast.
    It is still a respectfully observed occasion.

    So there was outcry this year when in a town called Vorden it was suggested that officials would include German soldiers buried in the graveyard there when they walked past the war graves to honour the dead.

    The Jewish society went to court and got an order forbidding officals to walk past the German graves and flew a plane above the town with a banner saying Vorden is wrong…

    There are two main schools of thought on this, the first saying that it has been 67 years and the time has come to forgive and recognise all the dead regardless of nationality..

    The other says we should remember only our own war dead and to include the dead of our enemy at this time is disrespectful to those who gave their lives defending our country..

    What do you think is 67 years enough time to have learned to forgive and include even then old enemy in this memorial or should it be reserved only for the allies?

    Is Remembrance day even important anymore or do you think its all a long time ago and should be confined to history books?

    If you could decide what would you do in Vorden?

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    Well my view as an ex serviceman is that all soldiers killed in conflict should be remembered. Right or wrong these men and women gave up their lives for their nation most without question. Not all Germans were nazi’s or took part in atrocities same as not all allied troops and commanders can say their is no blood of innocents on their hands. Let us remember the dead for what they gave and not what their leaders caused.


    I have just read this post [dont know how I missed it before ]. I believe the German & women should also be honoured on your remembrance day.Many Germans did not want to fight,some were just young boys & they were fighting for their land just as we fought for ours.Many of the Jewish society constantly complain about the holocaust, which was shocking I agree, but Israel is not much better in the way they are treating the Arab community in Palestine, they believe in an eye for an eye ,but as soon as something upsets them they dont like it.I apologise to anyone Jewish here Please understand there is nothing personal, there are good & bad in every community & we must forget old grievances to build a better world


    I agree with you in context but I think the rememberance of the holocaust is somewhat more than a matter of “constantly complaining” and I believe the horror of such should never be forgotten… forgiveness is one thing and I am the first to encourage same, but as in all atrocities, we cannot allow these acts to ever happen again and for that very reason we cannot possibly forget.


    This maybe controversial question, but I ‘d be interested to hear your comments… so please accept same in the light in which it is intended… how can we possibly measure the holocaust to what is transpiring between Palistine and Israel today?


    No I do not mean that the way Israel is acting against Palestine is the same as the Holocaust,that was truly horrific,just that the way they are treating the Palestinians with contempt & taking parts of their land is the same way the Nazis [ I will not say Germans , for many Jews were also Germans] treated the Jewish Community before WW2,They were not the only ones to be starved ,beaten ,& crippled in camps during WW2, & torn from their families, so they should be more tolerant towards others.Maybe we can never forget , but we can forgive. I am just old enough to remember a little of WW2 & the horror stories & pictures after it ,with 3 brothers in active service to tell some of the horrors,& my husband ,as a very young soldier, was part of rescue teams to rescue these poor people There are Good & Bad in every nation , but all should be allowed to Honour their dead & we must learn to live together so that future generations may live in Harmony


    Tha ks for the clarity… I was somewhat mystified when you made reference to the holocaust and stated that “Israel is not much better in……. ………….. ” I have other thoughts in response but I think it’s a somewhat sensitive suibjecf and perhaps best not to pursue….

    Well of course there is no question about all being allowed to honour their dead…. I absolutely agree…. we can live in HOPE that perhaps one day our future generation will live in HARMONY.


    I totally agree with the comment that Jimbms made. I was in the U.S. military and I fought in Vietnam. So many of the Vietnamese were VERY young kids, both males and females, that had no idea of what was happening, but they were out there killing the U.S. troops right along with their older brothers, sisters and fathers.

    So many people have been brought into wars that THEY themselves had no real concept as to what was happening and why. I am including MYSELF and alot of other guys that fought in Vietnam. Our country sent us there with really no true reason as to why.

    At any rate, ALL OF US SHOULD NEVER, NEVER FORGET WHAT HAPPENED, BUT WE SHOULD POSSIBLY STILL FORGIVE and like Jim said alot of these soldiers gave up their lives for WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS A JUST CAUSE.


    The Vietnam war still runs chills down my spine…. I have read many books, watched documentaries….. it leaves me bewildered, sad, shocked beyond anything I can describe…and please don’t for one minute think that I under rate the wars prior… Vietnam for me was particularly shocking…. I believe the effect of those who fought in this war still suffer tragic consequences to this very day. I recently watched “Vietnam – never before told or seen” …. ummmm… left me speechless and in some sense angry at what was and should ever have been!

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