Is it wrong to flirt with men when you're married?

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    So I was part of an online community, and I felt I was having some harmless fun bantering with these guys, one of whom is extremely cute.

    Well these other guys scolded me for doing this (note: they didn’t say anything to the guys who were flirting with me), and I’m curious what your opinions are, if you think it’s okay to have fun with boys while you’re married.  Nothing would never happen of course, I don’t mean cheating, but just like being playful.


    Glad to see you back, Mamie!  Long time, no see!  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with harmless flirting, as long as it stays that way.  An online forum keeps it out in the open, so there’s no question about what’s going on.

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    It really just depends on your relationship.   Some people think of it as a form of cheating and to others it is just good clean fun.    If my husband were flirting with women on a website I probably would not like it very much.  Looking at it that way then I would not do it either.   Personally my ex did cheat on my so that gave me trust issues and it is hard for me to view it objectively.     What I find funny is that those guys flirting with you were scolding you for doing it yet I imagine at least some of them were actually married or were in a relationship.

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    Hi from me too Mamie!

    I have been known to flirt a bit sometimes and would agree that online it is in the open. I have experienced that men do tend to push for a more clandestine relationship though, suggesting messaging and texting rather than being open online. At that point it is best to leave things unless you are totally open with your partner.

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    It depends on the context and the way its done..

    A good rule of thumb is never do anything you wouldnt do if your partner was in the room.

    So yes I flirt and so does my husband.. Our postlady says she likes delivering at our house in winter because he is always ready with a warm hug for her! When I hear her giggle I call out to him ‘stop squeezing the post it might be fragile’..

    There is nothing in it just harmless happy fun. Her husband is our other postman..

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    Thank you kindly for welcoming me back!  I’m sorry I’ve been away so long, I didn’t even realize it was so long, lol! Doesn’t time just slip away from you sometimes?

    I felt I was just being playful … I did make jokes with this guy from Norway about him dispatching my husband and me moving over there, but I definitely wasn’t serious and I’m sure he knows that too.

    I felt those guys scolding me had no business doing so, and I was also upset they only find a problem with me flirting and not with these guys flirting with me, you know?

    Well I quit that community anyway, it was very toxic with its misogyny.

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    I don’t see the crime in flirting with someone when you’re married: it is a free world! That isn’t to say it’d be a good idea to do so in front of your husband. It should – at least – be toned down in his presence. But flirting is natural and no one married has to stop doing so.

    That’s my opinion, anyway!

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    Joking aside: flirting is natural. Obviously, excessive flirting with a man when your husband is in the room is not a good idea. But light flirting is fine. It is human behaviour. Still, I’d advise caution when doing so: for obvious reasons.

    Of course, if a person is ignoring their partner and coming onto another person, then there’s something wrong with that. I suppose it is about balance and common sense.

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    i’m quite a flirt if my husbands not around, i just enjoy the attention sometimes

    it never goes any further so i really don’t see any harm if i’m honest, besides i know hubby is the same (if not worse) on occasions. so long as i know it doesn’t go anywhere i think its ok


    I’ve been married 45 years and of course there was no online flirting available when I young and still had hormones. I probably would have flirted online because I did flirt at work back in the day. My husband would have been disappointed in me if he found out though. I’m not proud of myself for flirting as a married woman, but what can I say,”I was young and foolish”. I guess you have to decide what your conscience can bear. I doubt very much if my husband flirted at work, he would have thought that was beneath him.


    I think a little light flirting is ok, I flirt with guys sometimes at parties and my husband is there as well. If it is reciprocated a little it is good for the ego, just as long as you don’t go too far with it.

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