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is your perception greater than the threat?

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    My office is in a parade of shops and very close to the local pub. since the smoking ban drinkers stand outside the pub most of the day so if i want to go to the local supermarket i have to walk past them, this makes me feel intimidated but i tend to put my head down and walk past them without looking at them. Now although there has been probs in this area of the shopping parade it isnt all that often but my perception of the crowd thats usually gathered outside is that if i catch someones eye someone will shout after me ‘what you looking at’? and this is the sort of thing that makes me feel like i do.

    how about you, does your perception of any given gatherings make you feel intimidated? and how do you handle it?


    I know exactly how you feel gemini but it is always worth remembering that attacks are still pretty rare – the whole reason they make the news is because they arent frequent – if they were, they would be reported less as they wouldnt be newsworthy.

    I get intimiated sometimes when walking down the street and see a large group of people coming towards me. I wonder how we can get rid of this fear which is often more intimidating than the actual crime.


    Very interesting question gemini. I think it is hard not to be scared when we are always hearing about people being attacked in the streets and in broad daylight too. Like sally says, I still think these occurrences are relatively rare, but because they are always so heavily reported it makes us probably more scared than we should be. That being said, I too dont like walking past big groups of people.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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