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    I have incredibly itchy skin around my ankles, feet and upper arms. There are red marks on these areas. They are not bleeding but are very itchy.

    I have used creams to no avail. What could’ve caused my skin to itch like this?


    I have had similar earlier in the year around my ankles only. I put it down to wearing turned down socks over the top of my leggings when I go out walking chafing and obstructing the blood supply. I did not go to the doctor but no cream seemed to make any difference. I stopped wearing the socks, for the most part, and wore skirts with bare legs around the home during the summer, as usual. I now rub in vaseline after my nightly wash, with raised legs to help the circulation. One ankle is now clear and the other improving rapidly, with no itching. It is possible that reaction to your washing powder / liquid in your clothes could be an issue. A point also is that overwashing of the red areas could be hindering your natural defenses. There are other causes though so ask your doctor or a pharmicist if you are worried.


    Maybe you should consult your GP there are quite a few skin complaints such as dermatitis,(allergies to perfume washing powder etc) or hives its common in diabetes and people with liver problems but it can also be down to things bed bugs …Please dont be angry or think I am implying you have anything less that impeccable hygiene I know you are a keen cleaner…

    Bedbugs may enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, and other items.  Their initial hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards where they have easy access to people to bite in the night.

    Check your bedding and matress for tiny reddish brown pin prick stains..

    I hope that hasnt freaked you out too much…


    Funnily enough, cassandra, I am getting a new mattress AND bedframe [it’ll be a metal one] in the New Year. It is my dad’s idea. I definitely am looking forward to my new bed!

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    We just have dry skin here in my household, so moisrurising is important. The middle guy can’t handle the feel of lotion, but ointment doesn’t bother him as much, so that’s what we’re using lately. I feel like I should have thought of it earlier because I need the ointment in winter because regular lotion application isn’t enough. Had the tube of ointment for me and not him, tsk tsk.


    I have fairly dry skin but, except for sensitive skin, I don’t have too many issues but do buy moisturiser by the large pot and use it pretty much all over my body daily.


    I could not live without moisturiser, SpinningJen. I use face cream every night after washing my face. I use hand cream several times a day. I also use foot cream each night, before bed. Without moisturiser my skin gets so dry and – this seems gruesome – but also splits. In fact, my hand has swelled up where my wound is. I didn’t cut myself: some kind of chemical [because I do the cleaning] has made my skin result in whetlow. My grandmother – Mary Ellen Grimes – termed the skin condition that way. It is an annoyance of having to pay some kind of price for a clean home. I LOVE cleaning and hate whetlow. And having your skin split is horrible and gruesome.


    I don’t know whether it has previously been mentioned Kitty (I think it has) but do you wear gloves when cleaning? Another option may be a barrier cream similar to those used by mechanics who get oily hands. I was not taking much notice but I also remember a ‘Bob Ross Joy of Painting’ art program in which he mentioned hand protection. Some art suppliers do supply creams that I suspect are more gentle than mechanics’. Some oils and solvents used with oil painting are noxious.

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    I use white cotton gloves beneath rubber gloves. It is interesting about your advice: I didn’t know you could buy/use barrier cream on your hands and body. Where do they sell such creams online? It is definitely an option I will consider. Going to an art supplier for their version of a barrier cream is an option too.

    I do continue to use creams. I can’t seem to function without them. Whetlow isn’t a pretty sight and can slightly hurt. Even my grandmother got whetlow. Which is my reward for wanting to live in a hospital-clean home.

    Anyhow, thank you for your suggestions, SpinningJen. Everyone else, too.


    You only need to Google it Kitty. I came across these two links (for art suppliers) easily enough:


    Bear in mind that I have not used it so cannot comment on how effective it is, but I have bought products from the first company. They have quick delivery. More general market barrier cream would probably be somewhat cheaper.



    Thank you,  SpinningJen!


    Thank you for your message KitKatKitty, have private messaged you back as promised.

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