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    I,ve just read this article about poor Jade Goody, and some of the nasty spiteful comments left by some people are just staggering. I,ve never been a big fan of hers, but the woman has cervical cancer. She also has two very young children who might grow up without a mummy. People really should try and show a little bit more compassion I think. Here is the article.


    Unfortunately people like to say nasty things about people there is no getting around it. What an awful story – especially getting misdiagnosed four times.


    It’s a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through, no matter who they are. I feel really sorry for her. I actually don’t think she is a racist, I think she is just a bit ignorant and the tv channel exploited her for ratings.

    The most shocking thing I have read about her is that there is a website where people are betting on ‘When will Jade Goody Die?’ Thankfully people are trying to get it shut down, but what sort of sickos would find that sort of thing funny????

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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