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    I read his book “Dubliners” yesterday. It was brilliant! I loved Ulysses, too.

    James Joyce is now one of my favourite authors. His work is spectacular. He writes with such description and imagination: his work has soul. The characters come alive in his books. You get caught up in the storyline, like a spell.

    Definitely pick up a James Joyce novel when you have the time!


    I am now reading “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. It is great! I have other books to read, too.

    I love reading!


    I cannot keep up with your pace Kitty but have just read Agatha Chritie’s “Hallowe’en Party’ over the past few days and now about to read a Colin Dexter Inspector Morse. Last week I got a couple of omnibusses so have six stories to read although I think I have read one before.

    I love reading too!


    “Gullivan’s Travels” was brilliant. The first part captivated me, I have to say. It IS one of the most famous scenes in book history. Jonathan Swift didn’t even have a computer – let alone Grammarly – yet he managed to write such brilliant work. I shall re-read Gullivan’s Travels in the future. It has such imagination and descriptions. An incredible story: no wonder it’s famous.

    I am now reading the Jane Austen book “Northanger Abbey”. I am on the first chapter ATM. I definitely like her work. And – again – she didn’t have a computer, yet she was able to write that kind of material. It goes to show the talent writers in the past had. And their work lives on. I do also feel that historical writers can be more meaningful than say a sex mad vampire novel. I am sure those novels are great, but the classics are better.

    I love reading: I am addicted.


    I am now reading “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. It is great! I have other books to read, too.

    I love reading!

    I read this as a child and it enchatented me at the time.. I still have the book but the print is so tiny as is the book obviously made for a childs hands..


    Ive just finished reading the Time travellers wife , Ive never seen the film and Im not sure I want to now the book is so lovely the end made me feel quite emotional.

    Now Im starting a blood filled crime thriller.. Easy cheap reading  but Im trying to settle into getting at least 1 hour reading time each day.. Not easy with OH around all the time.

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    I had a few hours to myself yesterday, so took the time to read “Northanger Abbey” all the way through. I tend to read books slowly now: especially recently. I want to absorb the story and enjoy turning the pages. I shall read as much as I can: and not speed read. I am a book lover through and through.

    I really enjoyed the story and loved its historical nature. It is amazing how things have changed since Jane Austen’s time, yet her books are still here today and are still being read. Jane was a spectacular writer. She didn’t even have a computer: let alone Grammarly.

    I am now reading “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Another great book.


    After reading “The Great Gatsby” for the second time I am totally in love with the story. It’s BRILLIANT. The author knew his stuff: F. Scott Fitzgerald is a legend.

    I am now reading “To Have And Have Not” by Ernst Hemingway. Another classic. I do definitely advise setting aside a good 3 hours a day to sit down with a book and read. Getting emotionally involved with a book is wonderful. It is worth taking the time to read and take experience, emotions, action, love… any adjective you care to mention.

    Books are in my blood and always will be.


    a good 3 hours a day

    What???? Where do you find 3 hours to read?

    I only find that sort of luxury when I travel long train journeys and flights are great for catching up on reading ..If you dont have to sit next to a chatterbox who wants to tell you their life story.

    I grab 15 minutes while the dinner is cooking or 10 minutes while OH is busy..Its a page here, a chapter there, for me..


    I don’t get three hours either although do like to lie down on my bed and read a few chapters late afternoon / early evening when I can, which is usually several times a week. It just relexes me after the day’s stresses. I find that, if I am not careful, I just keep on going until bedtime. It helps well with sleep as I just crash out but it wears me out after a few days. Perhaps an hour a day.



    To be honest, I have time to spend 3 hours reading daily – or mostly daily – because I have no children or pets and live alone. I do watch films too, though. Anyhow, I realize everyone’s domestic situation is different and not everybody has 3 hours everyday to read a book.

    BUT I do get distracted myself sometimes: people often telephone me. Or I am on the Internet. Or I am watching a DVD. ATM it is “Sheena: Series 1” I am watching. Back to my point: I would read in bed but fall asleep very quickly, so choose to read in the afternoon or evening. I can give or take DVDs but books I have to have: and have to read.

    Just take the time to read whenever you’re able. AND I do read books slowly these days and avoid speed-reading. Although a great skill, it does to tend to stop you enjoying your book. I take my time.

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    I just need the library to re-open. Then it’ll be my usual 4 to 5 books, read in succession.


    I read a brilliant, BRILLIANT book yesterday: it is called “Irish Folk And Fairy Tales” edited by Gordon Jarvie. Do Google it. It is a fantastic collection of Irish folk tales. I absolutely loved reading it. It took me a few hours to read, but I loved every moment. There are such good stories in the book. I’d recommend you all buy yourself a copy on Amazon: you’d all enjoy reading it.

    I received the book for my birthday last year. I re-read it yesterday. I am very much interested in Irish folklore.

    A great book!

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