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    This is true Martin, though when reading through forums personally I’d prefer seeing everything on a computer screen. The iPhone’s screen is a decent size but for me it’s just too small! I actually checked on the app store to see whether there was an app for Female Forum.. perhaps this is the next step for FF? %-P

    A lot of the people I know who have Blackberry’s wished they got an iPhone instead! I agree they look really nice, and I was tempted at one point, but I knew deep down the iPhone was the one 😉 It’s honestly great. It has everything you could possibly need. There’s some really fun games to play on it too! That’s all that matters really tehehee.


    I agree with you there Petal…. though I can connect on my BB – its an irate cos of the screen…. thats where I find the iPad very useful for “on the go”.


    I love my iPhone! Martin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for us! The browser format is just too small for a mobile screen.


    I love my iPhone! Martin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for us! The browser format is just too small for a mobile screen.

    I’ll look into this when our normal website redesign gets completed!


    I am glad that I could start my professional life directly after my studies without having to search for a job for a long time. I work in the cement industry and am responsible for the maintenance of the apron feeder. I am mainly surrounded by men, but I still enjoy my work! 🙂

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    I am  an admin assistant for a charity. I also have published works on the side. In a sense, I suppose I have two jobs! I do a lot of Internet work. I see myself as a follower of Bill Gates. Computers are in my soul and are my passion in life. Working at the charity is also wonderful. I shall be applying for a third job: I’d still do admin, but the job would be nearer to where I live. I shall carry on with the current job, as well.

    I am considering applying for an advanced English class at college. I feel my English has vastly improved and I could do it. When it’s exam time I will request to sit both exams in the same day and also have my own room at the college to do them in. I don’t know if they’d accept my request, though.

    I have a lot of changes happening, too: my close friend – Nick – is going to help build my confidence with travelling. Now, I have always travelled, but seem to have lost my nerve since this lockdown. Nick is going to go out & about with me and just build my confidence. He is a blessing.

    Back to your job hunt: I’d do some sort of course to increase your skills and impress a potential employer. Think about what your CV says about you. Format it correctly. Don’t use a photograph. Sell yourself. Make sure you have the correct grammar: that type of thing.

    I do hope I’ve helped!

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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