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    This is true Martin, though when reading through forums personally I’d prefer seeing everything on a computer screen. The iPhone’s screen is a decent size but for me it’s just too small! I actually checked on the app store to see whether there was an app for Female Forum.. perhaps this is the next step for FF? %-P

    A lot of the people I know who have Blackberry’s wished they got an iPhone instead! I agree they look really nice, and I was tempted at one point, but I knew deep down the iPhone was the one 😉 It’s honestly great. It has everything you could possibly need. There’s some really fun games to play on it too! That’s all that matters really tehehee.


    I agree with you there Petal…. though I can connect on my BB – its an irate cos of the screen…. thats where I find the iPad very useful for “on the go”.


    I love my iPhone! Martin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for us! The browser format is just too small for a mobile screen.


    I love my iPhone! Martin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for us! The browser format is just too small for a mobile screen.

    I’ll look into this when our normal website redesign gets completed!


    I am glad that I could start my professional life directly after my studies without having to search for a job for a long time. I work in the cement industry and am responsible for the maintenance of the apron feeder. I am mainly surrounded by men, but I still enjoy my work! 🙂

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    I am  an admin assistant for a charity. I also have published works on the side. In a sense, I suppose I have two jobs! I do a lot of Internet work. I see myself as a follower of Bill Gates. Computers are in my soul and are my passion in life. Working at the charity is also wonderful. I shall be applying for a third job: I’d still do admin, but the job would be nearer to where I live. I shall carry on with the current job, as well.

    I am considering applying for an advanced English class at college. I feel my English has vastly improved and I could do it. When it’s exam time I will request to sit both exams in the same day and also have my own room at the college to do them in. I don’t know if they’d accept my request, though.

    I have a lot of changes happening, too: my close friend – Nick – is going to help build my confidence with travelling. Now, I have always travelled, but seem to have lost my nerve since this lockdown. Nick is going to go out & about with me and just build my confidence. He is a blessing.

    Back to your job hunt: I’d do some sort of course to increase your skills and impress a potential employer. Think about what your CV says about you. Format it correctly. Don’t use a photograph. Sell yourself. Make sure you have the correct grammar: that type of thing.

    I do hope I’ve helped!


    I am considering resigning from the charity. It has been lockdown and I have not missed going to the charity. Maybe it would be better for someone who wanted to be there to work at the charity. The fact I haven’t missed it means maybe – extremely likely – I don’t belong there anymore. I don’t like the town the charity is in, either. I feel I am flogging a dead horse. When I am there, I want to go home. If I really don’t work to be in that office I must be honest with myself and not waste the charity’s time.

    I think it is time to move on and find a job I am far more passionate about.


    Things do change Kitty. I think that as time passes the work we enjoy becomes more an more routine and things that were once interesting challenges seem to be replaced by stressful administration and other unwanted things. It sounds like it is beginning to affect your mental health? That wouldn’t be good. This lockdown is a good opportunity for you to leave in the knowledge that you are leaving them at a quiet time.


    I think if you have realised you dont actually enjoy it then its time to go and now with lockdown you have the time to look around and find something you are passionate about.


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