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June Monthly Thread

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    What’s up with you today? Feel free to chat about whatever has happened, big or little!

    We saw a very small snake today near the end of our neighbourhood walk. Very cool to watch it move and talk about it. The oldest even grabbed a National Geographic magazine later, to show an article about movement of people, animals, and reptiles. 🙂


    I have been on the lookout for the local snakes here just recently now it has warmed up Rebecca. They seem to be hiding better this year though. You do keep your children active. A good thing!


    We’re pretty much done with school! Woo hoo! We just have one form to fill out for each kid, then we wait for report cards, which should be ready Friday or Monday. I’m already planning on time at the closest lake in the mornings…

    It’s already too hot for me here, so I’ll try to be out when it’s cooler. And I might get my car into the shop to make sure the AC is working!


    The AC must work overtime over there Rebecca. I remember a car I had here which had a leak in the system. It took it all it’s time to blow any cool air.


    I have to wait a bit to get the car in, but it was nice that I was told that they’d call me if there were cancellations before my scheduled appointment.

    I’m scheduling as much as I can in the mornings, so we can drive with windows open and the breeze helping. We’ve got an AC option at home for the late afternoon and evenigns (though I wish there were funds for the housing complex to give us AC through a central unit). We should make it fairly comfortably through a heat wave due to arrive Saturday and stick around through the middle of the next week.

    It happens to be six months till Christmas today, and I would welcome the cold and some snow now, with some hot chocolate… Ha ha! I’m not a summer-heat person, but enjoy the rest of the year for weather. I must remember one upside of the summer is that the lake water gets warmer, and the hot air makes it feel great! We have a lake within about 20 mins’ drive from home, so there’s beach handy without having to take a whole day to get away. 🙂


    It’s nice about the lake Rebecca. We have a lake close by too but it is for fishing only although it looks pretty so not at all negative. I would like some more warm weather here before it starts to cool down for winter. I don’t really mind hot or cold but the sun cheers things up. It’s cold cloudy weather I am not keen on.


    I’m hoping this was the hottest day of the entire summer, and we don’t get back to such extremes. We don’t usually see 44C plus humidity!

    We got out to the lake this morning and probably stayed too long – the youngest looks a bit red in a few spots. And this was before the heat of the day and the strongest UV… I’ve used some aloe on his skin and hope that’ll avoid any sunburn pain.

    Other than that, we stayed indoors. Almost like winter hibernation, but without the fun snow to play in. 😉

    We need a trip to the library tomorrow since we’ve finished most of our books. And then we get to celebrate on Thursday – 154 years of Canada! 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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