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    This news or fake news story angers me so much. Mr. Smollett not only lied several times to the police under oath, but what really angers me is how he made police officers respond to a crime that wasn’t even a crime. That is taking away officers which is already a depleted police force from real crimes taking place. It does feel as the justice system is working working in the right direction in this case as Jussie Smollett has been brought up on many counts for lying under oath to officers. What do you all think of this issue?


    I feel he is guilty and caused grief and harm to legitimate people that suffered real abuse. this controversy will make honest people afraid to report attacks in fear nobody will believe them.

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    We havent heard too much about this where I live  (he isnt a star here) but I think the justice dept has taken a step in the right direction.

    People who make false claims / report fake crimes should be punished. These kinds of fake (not mistaken id or anything) reports can ruin innocent peoples lives and make it much more difficult for real victims to come forward.

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    I agree with everyone: reporting false crimes takes the police and justice system away from real crime. Which can mean innocent lives being lost. Lying to the police is wrong and perpetrators should be punished. It shows utter lack of respect for people who really need the police.


    I also agree.  Those who report false crimes, as well as all accomplices, should be prosecuted.

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    This week I was at a book fair and saw a book by a comedian I used to see on Tv. In the book he explains how he was accused of sexual assault by two women, both of which were obviously fabricated. Then 10 others crawled out of the woodwork and I saw crawled because as he explains the claims were totally rubbish and the stories were full of lies.

    One woman claimed aserious sexual assualt. She gave a statement to the police explaining how it had happened, while she was working  in an upstairs bar of a theatre he was appearing at. She gave no set date but a time span that covered more than a year saying it was sometime between then and then ..

    This was all printed in a newspaper as well but….Not only had the woman never worked at the said theatre, the theatre she claims it happened at has no upstairs bar and he could prove that he had not performed at that theatre for any time she mentioned nor for a year or two before or since.

    Surely women like this need to be hauled up and punished for what amounts to pure lies driven by greed (hopes of compensation or newspaper  fees). In the time this man was accused he lost around £500,000 in earnings from Tv and theatre and then had to pay his own legal fees ! The woman was helped by free legal services.

    Another claimed to have been assualted in a car he owned.. Only thing was she quoted a time and date at least 5 years before he had owned the car involved!

    The police said they had been told that they had to take every accusation as true no matter how silly or false it sounded.

    I really think that these kinds of stories only damage women who have been  abused or raped women who cry wolf make it harder for real victims to be heard and believed and the justice system has to start taking action against the liars.

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    I absolutely agree, cassandra. The justice system should take action against those who are liars and waste police time. There are crimes that actually happen out there and these people waste valuable resources and time. Sometimes the accusation is true, but often it is not. Even in his death, Michael Jackson stands accused of child abuse. Whether or not it happened, I do not know – and have no right to decide – but if these claims are false, then that angers me. It would be a plot to wreck someone’s reputation out of jealousy of their money. That is what I think, anyhow.

    I am glad the man could clear his name, cassandra. I feel bad he had to go through all that simply because of someone’s spite. Thankfully his reputation was saved: because he is an innocent man and is innocent of those crimes.

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