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    This past year away from here did help, but things on a personal level they uh went to hell, my health sadly took a bad turn for the worst, 4 months of meds and more blood tests before Xmas and still got dental surgery to get sorted as well, dealing with that and also my right arm got all cut up by my cat and it’s just not getting better, scabbing then bleeding, same over and over. No longer speaking to my damn sister, haven’t for about four months now and don’t even miss it… I’ve been playing a lot of GTA Online over the past year and on level 592, edging closer to level 600… I’ve even started modding outfits and doing stupid glitches while on the game…

    I even did this:


    Hi, Welcome back 🙂 . It’s good to get an update, even though I did not really  know you at the time. There are one or two still around who you will know. It sounds as though your cat knows who is boss. Personally I prefer dogs. They are generally less selfish. Get plenty of air to the wounds and keep them clean, without removing the scabs. It sounds like they are getting infected or you are catching them somewhere. I can remember GTA. I think my son had it, but he was more into fantasy so did not play it much. Since he settled away from home I have had little experience with games.  It was fun partnering him with some though. I just find them frustrating, trying to get through them level by level.


    I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through Lake District, I’m glad you’ve found some comfort with your game.  You made your monkey character?  I’ve never played Grand Theft Auto so I’m not really familiar, but I think your work looks very impressive.  I hope everything goes well for you, especially with your medical concerns and your sister.

    My cat is also trying to kill me, but she’s trying to trip me as I walk down the stairs.

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    Welcome back, Lake District.  I’m relatively new here…only about 6 months.  I’m Crystal from Colorado.

    I wish you all the best regarding your health issues.  When it’s one thing after another, it can get pretty frustrating

    So sorry to hear about you and your sister.  I was looking at your previous posts…She seems to have teed your brother off as well.  Hopefully, in time, all can be reconciled.

    As far as cats go, I think it’s their ultimate plan to kill us off…or annoy us enough to kill ourselves.  LOL  Ours wakes my husband up at 4am to be fed.  She absolutely cannot wait until he normally rises at 430.

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    Welcome back, Lake District. I don’t own a cat, but my dad has two cats that always visit his house. They’re adorable and I love them to bits. We always give them scraps and just give them affection. They are utterly gorgeous: one [a girl] is snowy white and the male is who we call the tortoiseshell. They go mad for dreamies!

    As you can tell, I am a mad cat lady! LOL.


    Kitties are the best!  Especially when they know they own you, lol …


    What a cutie!

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    This is my kitty cat, she’s 7 years old and is a Russian Blue

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