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just announced: top 100 baby names of 2019

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    I didnt see my children or grandchildrens names mentioned but Im really pleased to see traditional names on that list and not just apple storm sky and brick…


    I love so many traditional English names. I have listed a few of them in a previous reply to your other thread, emily91.

    My favourite girl name is Lily. It is such a pretty name. I also love the name Kate. I do have to say Christian names in general are gorgeous: both girls and boys.


    I don’t see my son, stepson or grandaughter’s names there either. It saves confusion in class at school though.


    speaking of confusion you often find a child is named after a family member or of someone who is popular at the time but my granddaughter is called Avril.

    It’s a lovely name it means April in French.

    but my granddaughter is Irish her mother is Dutch her father (my son )is English … she was born in December and no one in the family is an Avril Lavigne fan, so exactly where Avril comes in is a mystery. Lol


    I love most names. The most beautiful French name I’ve heard of is Marguerite. Valentina is also a gorgeous name.


    My mother’s name Kitty

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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