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Just curious, sorry. ;)

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    I do wonder how many on this site are trannies. For me trannie is not an abusive term, and it covers the entire gender dysphoria spectrum.

    So yay or nay, are you a tranny? 🙂


    Would it be more polite to ask if you were cisgendered?


    well cherry, I guess I am one but I don’t know any others here.


    I am not a tranny, but I respect people who are. There is room for all kinds of people in the world! [That is not a dig at you, acherrystone.] I know you’re being respectful. It is a shame about people who aren’t. I had a very good friend a few years back and her dad was a transvestite. I saw him dressed up and just accepted it. He was even published in a magazine. But that kind of thing is reality for those people. Anyhow, it’d be interesting to know more about people on here.


    i am 100% female and only lay down with bisexual or straight guys and dolls.


    There is certainly room for all sorts, rabbithabit!


    [quote quote=155616]well cherry, I guess I am one but I don’t know any others here. [/quote]

    Credit to you for standing up and stepping out, particularly on your own. 🙂



    Well Cherry, its like that in the real world- nowhere to hide.


    Isn’t it difficult where you are? Threat of violence and even death.


    well its true, violence and the threat of is very real. But even worse is the suicide rate among transgenders- highest of any one group. I think I know one reason for this. In a medically supervised transgender, the candidate is required to live one year in their chosen gender- before any procedures. That means living, working, forming social bonds, and proving that you can make it. Unfortunately many choose a do it yourself route without any of the emotional/medical  support. I think these are the ones who regret it and end their lives. I know several.


    I’m transgendered and wasn’t quite sure if I’d be welcome here or not.

    I’m glad I found this thread.

    If there’s one thing my life lacks it is other women to bounce ideas off and relate to.

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    Hi Toni, I too am glad you found this thread. Do you agree with my theory on suicide?


    I’m glad you’ve found this thread, too: everyone is accepted on here. Everyone is different and there should be no prejudice. You’re not alone in your situation, that’s for sure. We aren’t homophobic or other phobic here. But to Rhonda333’s comment: what do you think of her theory on suicide? I’d be very interested to know, as I am sure others will be.


    hmmm, maybe she’s gone.


    I am 100% female, but if you are Gay, Lesbian, Trans or whatever and are happy that is all that counts. I am glad that there is a place like this that is accepting to everyone.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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