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    I would limit my speech to our flight-related experience, so as to not tee him off. His responses to my observations and comfort/discomfort will tell me whether he’s friend or foe.

    Makes sense. Where is he taking you, why doesn’t he let you go, that kind of thing.

    I continually chat to animals and birds anyway. Last year when I had a spider in the water butt for some time I used to warn when I was opening the lid. It was re-assured I think because it became relaxed with my visits. People probably think I am mad lol

    I think that’s cool! What would you say to a giant bird who’s holding your arms in his claws and carrying you in the air?

    I feel being abducted against my will is not a very friendly act at all, and I’d be highly suspicious of anything he says, I’d imagine he’d just be trying to calm me down so I’m not struggling too much and trying to get away. I feel a little odd, I seem to be alone in feeling absolutely terrified by this scenario, lol.

    I’ve had nightmares before about being abducted, and I feel the scariest part is the fear of waiting to learn what my fate is going to be.

    Oh, I see. Yeah, I imagine it’s bad enough when you’re on the ground, much less when your feet are dangling in the air. And yeah, I didn’t notice until now that you’re the only one in this thread who said she would struggle if a bird took her. I find that interesting!

    (I hope you don’t find all these follow-up questions annoying, I enjoy seeing people play out this odd and ridiculous scenario in their heads).

    I guess I should’ve mentioned that your hands are mostly free while this is going on. Are you hanging onto the bird’s feet for dear life or do you see yourself fighting back trying to get free?


    Don’t worry Mamie. I understand a bit how you are feeling about this one, especially knowing other thoughts in your mind at the moment. You are not the only one who realises that there could be a far deeper interpretation here. You are not alone! Just treat this topic very loosely.


    I think that’s cool! What would you say to a giant bird who’s holding your arms in his claws and carrying you in the air?



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    I love flying and am adventurous, hence why I’d let the bird fly me. I would sit on his back, like a broomstick and just enjoy the speed and exhilaration of being in the air. I wouldn’t worry about where we were landing: I’d assume he’d fly me back!

    This is a deep thread. Our reaction to the situation tells a lot about what we are like. I know what I am like, but it is interesting reading others views.

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    I totally agree with you, it’s so very interesting how we all react differently!  I do wonder why we have such different feelings of what’s happening?  I wish I was as enthusiastic as all of you, I’m really not sure what it says about me that I’d be so afraid and panicky when pretty much everyone else feels this would be an adventure, lol.

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    Exactly, that’s why I love opening with this topic instead of the typical introduction thread. It’s a weird scenario that’s never happened before, so there’s no precedent for how to feel or what to expect. Some immediately feel fear and anxiety, and others think of it as a fun and unexpected adventure. And while this absolutely wasn’t done to give people labels, it does create an interesting dynamic between the emotional and logical thinkers. For me, this wackadoodle topic is like online people watching.

    I also love watching people explore their immediate thoughts about it, hence the follow up questions. Not just what they’d say to the bird, but to pitch emotions opposite to what they said. Mamie said she would be extremely worried, so I asked her what if the bird seemed friendly, and I got an interesting response. KitKatKitty said she would be excited, so I asked her if she would be worried about being off the ground, and I got an interesting response. The follow ups are some of my favorite responses because that’s when people really get to explore their own thoughts.

    And I vastly prefer asking this question to women because they have far more interesting and varied answers. Men, on the other hand…well, I’m sure you can guess. 😀

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    Oh you’ve got me feeling really very curious now, how do you find men respond to your question/game?

    I feel your opening topic was such a lovely idea, you’ve certainly stimulated some interesting thoughts and conversations.  I’m really interested too in your analysis of our reactions, I love learning new things about other people and myself.

    I’m still really struggling to wrap my head around how anyone could be so calm if this happened to you, lol.

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    Typically they either have a violent answer or completely dodge the question lol. I guess those are kind of interesting results as well, but not really what I was looking for. The ladies win again. 😀

    I’m very intrigued by the calm reactions too. Some people just wanna fly! It’s definitely not something that happens everyday, so maybe it feels special and new. Definitely nothing wrong with that.

    I would like to expand on your scenario, Mamie. What specifically makes you afraid and nervous about it? Is it the fact you’re flying off the ground, or more that you don’t know where you’re going? Do you hate that your feet are just dangling and not secure like, say, on a plane? I’m just very curious to know more!

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    I feel if a giant bird landed in front of me and spoke to me, asking “Would you like if I took you for a ride somewhere?” I might be intrigued and feel very differently.  I think I’ve watched so many nature videos of how birds hunt, that my immediate thought if this happened would be that I’m prey, which is why I think I’d be so terrified.  I’ve also read a lot of fantasy stories, and many have bird abductions, and science fiction shows and movies too.  Like remember that woman in Jurassic World who was grabbed by a flying dinosaur?  She met a rather horrible fate, lol.

    I don’t think I’d worry about my legs dangling or me being high up in the air or anything like that, I think my fear is mostly about being abducted.  I have abduction nightmares sometimes, I feel what probably makes me most nervous is being violently grabbed and taken somewhere without my consent or knowledge, and fearing what’s going to happen to me when I arrive at wherever I’m being taken.

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    I see! That makes a lot of sense. So if the bird asked you first if it could take you for a ride, you would probably say sure? You strike me as a very logical thinker!

    Here’s another question. When the bird eventually lets you go and you’re safely on the ground, what do you do next? Do you tell other people about what just happened? Who do you tell? How do you tell them?

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    Oh I totally think I would, if he’s nice and kind.  I feel like just asking me first makes a big difference, otherwise I picture an owl swooping down on a field mouse or something, lol.  I think going for a ride could be absolutely lovely, I just don’t want to be eaten.

    I feel I’d probably need time to process what happened to me, and figure out how to tell someone without them thinking “Oh my, she’s a crazy woman!”  I’d start by confiding in someone I absolutely trust and seeing her reaction, and I’d probably go searching online if this happened to anyone else also (you gotta love the internet, right? :)).

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    Well, if that ever happened to you, you know I’ll be the first to believe you! 😀 Thank you again for putting up with my silliness.


    I also can’t help but wonder: what would the news headlines say about this event? lol


    Thanks for believing me!  Oh and I love your “silliness”, I do hope you’ll stay around here! 🙂

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    To talk about flying: I have been going on airplanes since 6 years old. I do feel fairly secure on an airplane, but I don’t like turbulance. Still, being 32,000 feet in the air is exciting. I love the descent and the way the plane turns on its side: the view is always amazing. Seeing the world from the air is wonderful. I definitely enjoy flying more now I’m older. It is an adventure, really.

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