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Just how hard is it for guys to be monogamous?

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    [quote quote=214349]Still people debate ‘Darwin’ and ‘On the Origin of Species’




    While I do not dismiss Darwin or those before him who dismissed creationism I dont wholley buy his therories. Of course he was going on very early research and basic testing DNA hadnt even been thought of. The man should be given credit for his work but not taken as gospel.

    Considering that the majority of living things on earth share similar DNA with humans (and each other)  its not unexpected to see similaritys between species.. Tiger- cat dog-wolf  mouse-bat etc we even have 60% the same DNA as a banana but no one is claiming that grandpapa was a banana..

    So I understand where his reasoning came from although it was his collegue Thomas Henry Huxley who first openly put forward the now famous  ape-man link.

    However the idea that some omnipitant being swooped down and formed man from the clay like a child playing with plasticine is one I find equally unlikely.


    I dont think that we will ever really know who we originated from or how, but I cannot see how clinging to fables and half truths will help solve the riddle..

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    I am NOT claiming to be an expert, but we – the human race – did come about from evolution. Again, I don’t know the whole theory – and don’t know everything – but it was evolution that created us. Maybe God willed it/maybe it was “destiny” or luck… I don’t know. But Darwin was on the right track. Charles Darwin did his work and I don’t doubt his efforts.

    Now if others want to believe we came from clay or Adam and Eve, they can. But I don’t agree with said people. There are some people who still believe the world is flat, but that is their problem. I know science to a certain level. Science explains the world in my book: not religion. While there are beautiful stories in religions acrosss the world, they are just stories to me. I don’t believe in Hindu gods myself. Or Greek gods… They are beautiful stories, though. I respect others, but this does not mean I have to agree with them.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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