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    Ive been feeling stiff and sluggish. Although we walk between 5 and 10 km a day with the dogs I still feel Im lacking…

    I did gymnastics and ahtletics as a child and as an adult Ive almost always done some form of keep fit,  aerobics in the 80s and 90s and then Zumba which I loved.. All that loud music and fast dance style moves really loved it.

    But my doctor put a block on any hugh impact sports a while ago. Im allowed to swim but no tennis, badminton ,spinning or any kind of zumba sport.. If I do he says I will need new knees in a couple of years.

    Last year I also found out I have artrose in my feet knees and hips as well as fybromyalgia..

    So Ive been looking at what I can do and although yoga crossed my mind Ive decided to give pilates a go.

    Has anyone else tried this and what did you think?

    Im following an online trainer for now. Classes here are very expensive and mostly only available through a sportschool which I really dont want to attend right now.

    So any tips or any other advice would be great.I dont want to seize up  solid before I hit 60!

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    I wouldn’t cut out the possibility of yoga yet!

    I started doing it three months ago and now do it daily for 25-40 minutes a day. It’s been amazing for muscle development and my back pain from constantly sitting at a desk is completely gone.

    There are fast pace yoga styles for people who want more cardio.



    My idea of exercise is waliking to and from the fridge! LOL.

    I am sorry to hear of your illness, cassandra. I have no advice, but I assume you’ve got a suppport network around you. It’s tough, though. But you’re not alone.


    I am sorry to hear Cassandra. My only tip would be to lead an active a life as possible. My approach is to utilise my muscles as much as I am able. I used to dance quite a bit (just disco things) and often wanted to be a ballet dancer so was used to bends and high kicks (I used to dream so included such things lol). These days, being more careful as strains are more of a problem, I still bend and stretch when the occasions present themselves. I sometimes do exercises at home which include leg raises and bends but I often lose the will for pure exercise. It is like when I have to go a shortish distance to do something. I always walk even if it is raining, never using the car.


    @KitKatKitty, no support network Im busy looking after others and Im not considered a priority besides I dont really need help..

      I have always loved to dance hece the areobics and zumba its so dance based and set to music that it hardly feels like exercise.

    I must say the pilates classes so far have been slow but I will admit you do feel the muscles youve trained afterwards so maybe it is doing some good.. But I feel  like a racehorse who is all copped up when I do slow stretches and bends… I would love to be bouncing about and feeling a fast beat..

    Oh well just keep on plodding at least we have great walks I think we did 10km this morning and saw some wonderful sights.


    Hi.or good evening .

    Interesting . i am wondering why many women are having issues with back knee,s and ankle okay i,m 72 and a few women friends are having knee and ankle detail one is my dance partner and i work with her and allways out at dancing some 3 and 4 times a week, she is younger than i late 60,s i know what she worked at and see some issues coming later in life  well as most know i worked with guys on building sites and heavy work bridges and farm work,and carried some heavy load,s still can ,

    I was a gymnast did walking and running and did 300 miles a week plus hill work  150 a week just for work and carried quite heavy loads on my push bike , yes i,m a pack horse , i allso know my body is different from many women as in being stronger than most yet dont show like guy,s and weight has been the same for over 50 years , 11 1/2 stone = 155 lb,s

    the muscle mass as some have,  it comes down to bone,s and their strength and what i have seen is joints and over time the lack of the cushon and fluid around that part,  = wear and tear, because of over use,

    running on the hard roads is a no no as i found out  shoes in our day were not that good so i stopped running as left knee was saying time out .

    Now the issue i see is over use and one may not be intune with their body  when it says time out  sometimes we need to change from what we have been taught or told , so have a CT scan or other  maybe Xray will show you what is going on  then you can decide what will be the best approch will be, thing is dont hammer your self as i have seen some do in the mistaken belive  of have to do this or that .

    Okay  food can have a issue , or lack of what your body needs  as i dont know your age i cant work out whats going on  as there are different stages the body will change  and homones are needed to keep that balance as you were at school or a little later age 30  having children drains the body in more why,s than expected,

    if your past child bearing then Progesterone  is lacking and Estorone  takes over, sorry my spelling.

    and needs to be replacesd,  many issues are the lack of Progesterone , best i can do with little info,

    ?.s i ask are other meds being taken or have had drugs not suitable for the body can be lack of good food and vitimins and nutriants,  and of cause age…. well only to a point, or an excuse…….lol,s …..


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    @noeleena you’re very right there are many factors as to why our bodies are the way we are. As a  young girl I did a lot of sport ,, probably too much.

    I had my children quite young but I had a bad fall from a flight of stairs and damaged my back it never really recovered 100%.

    Now at 55 am postmenopausal so yes there are hormone problems but I won’t take replacements . I also have Graves disease which means I need thyroxine everyday and since the radioactive therapy to stop the Graves disease I have been struggling with weight issues and chronic fatigue.

    I am trying to love the body I have now learning to live with my capabilities and my limits and trying to stay as fit as I can without over pushing my body and demanding too much from it because when exercise becomes a chore there is no point in continuing.

    we only have one life and we need to do what’s best for ourselves for me that’s staying active luckily my doctor says I should go walking which is my favourite hobby so I’m happy but a little more flexibility would be nice and that’s why I chose pilates.

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    Yes i had worked out a few other details i knew , i quess for myself and doing care work i see things more,

    Thank you for that.

    I am wary of some meds as they do have other detail with them that can do more harm  against not taking them is to know what can work and no side issue,s  you know your body and you have to work with that .

    I enjoyed my sports yet knew okay thats enough and then just walk away ,

    With your immune system being the way it is  is not quite so easy to just have that get up and go and be at it,and i see that in a few of my women friends closer to my age and over, and to our back,s =your,s oh i know  and Jos she had curverture and scoliosis of the spine, i knew when that started  when she was working in a fruit shop  age 13 carrying heavy banana boxes , she is 4 1/2 years younger than i  , for her she was too young to be doing that ,

    Just do take care of your self now even if it means saying no to some details that you do……you….i do so much wont to do this……. learn to say ….NO…..what i,m coming to an seeing is many women wont to do what men do, just some are paying dealy for it in later life.

    Take care and look after your self,



    Luckily I have had few back issues. I did have problems when my son was a baby with my elbow / arm due to carrying but I knew someone who had similar problems so I recognised it and was able to sort. At work I did develop a knee problem due to carrying heavy bags, or more correctly holding them and chatting at the door when leaving a patient. It took a long while to sort and does re-occur if I am not careful but it is not something which is constantly troubling. I do have slightly weak ankles. They are much better these days but I have to be very careful if I wear heels, so usually don’t.


    I don’t wear heels either, SpinningJen: I always twist my ankle and fall down.

    I do need to up my fitness: I am not entirely unfit, but do need to exercise more. I do a lot of walking, though. I do enjoy yoga, actually. I am good at tennis. I also like playing football, funnily enough. It’s hard work but fun. Dancing I LOVE. I enjoy disco dancing and line dancing. I would also love to attend ballroom dancing lessons. My close friend, Vicky, did this. She did rather well with it. She doesn’t attend such classes anymore, though. Oh: as a kid I went cycling everywhere. I LOVED that bicycle. Every Saturday and Sunday my brother, myself and my dad would take our bikes all across the town and countryside. They were wonderful times. Just to add: I also love walking in the countryside and woods.

    I definitely am not as lazy as I once thought myself. In fact, these days I am far more active. Doing something – anything – keeps my mind occupied without having to go to the shops all the time. I do prefer recreactional activities rather than shopping. At the end of the day, there are only so many handbags you can have. There are so many shoes you can have. Shopping is great – and I do enjoy doing so – but I love the above mentioned activities.


    Yes, yoga helped me tremendously. Not only with my joint pains but also with my backpain, my flexibility, my mood and my focus.

    I love love doing yoga. I have this app I use so I can do it anywhere, anytime.


    My husband I enjoy walking. We try to walk two miles Mon-Fri. as long as the weather is nice. We have a treadmill too, that I go on in the winter months. My husband braves the cold and even walks in the winter months as long as there’s not snow and ice.

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