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    No I’m not being rude lol.

    In the latest edition on thats life magazine,there is an appeal,which is running until the end of October. And it’s for..yep you guessed…knickers!  Once packed up,they will be sent to Africa. Women there cant afford them. Makes me realise how lucky we are in the west.

    If any of you ladies have any NEW pairs of drawers you’ve grown out of, thats life want you. Pack up as many pairs of NEW drawers as you can,and send them too:

    that’s life!

    show us your pants,H Bauer Publishing,

    PO Box, 14369


    NW1. 7NY

    So next time you pop into primark or tesco for some new drawers,grab an extra pair and send them off.

    Martin could this post be a pinnd one please,so it doesnt get lost? Thanks.

    Remember ladies.the appeal runs until the end of October. So get packing up those drawers!




    I will do that on Saturday. It is obviously a worthy cause. I hope other people jump on the band wagon! I am sure many people will be happy to help our neighbours in Africa.


    Sounds a little bit strange. I think women in Africa have other problems facing their daily life.


    Yes I’m sure they do, but underwear is something western women take for granted,so it seemed like a good idea.


    What a really good idea.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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