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Lack of Participation

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    There are 19 Ladies on this forum. Most Posts only are responded to by 0-3 Members. What do you think is the reason for this low membership support? Empathy, Male Invasion, Subject Matter, Inactive Members, Laziness, etc.? What Should be done to make it more active here?

    NOTE: ONLY Female Responses are requested to this post


    I’m not sure, Bunny.  I have experience with only two forums.  I haven’t been here long enough to see a particular pattern.  I know, some members join just to get feedback on their situation, only to never return.  The “Am I Too Thin?” thread comes to mind…or the “Am I pregnant?” posts.

    The forum that I just recently quit was part of a very small international dating site.  When it was a forum like this (primarily a forum with profiles) there was much more participation.  A few years ago, the owner had to redesign the site to make it “mobile friendly” for Google.  It took on a new life of its own.  People used it more as a social networking site, where they didn’t really communicate on the boards, but rather through the messaging service.   The owner made every effort to encourage forum participation by awarding members points for posts which can then be used to contact other members via the messaging service.  This also discouraged spammers from mass-mailing other members.  Of course, contacting other members isn’t our goal, but you get the idea.

    Even after all those efforts, the forum’s pace was still pretty slow.  People seemed to be content posting a profile and picture, maybe posting an introduction, and lying in wait.  Every once in a while, like here, there were new members who posted a few interesting topics, then (I assume) got bored with the pace.

    I don’t know all of Facebook’s capabilities, but I do believe there are groups to which people post things.  Maybe, that’s the “in” thing, now?


    I am not sure either. I do not really think too much about it, as I do try not to get stressed about who is doing what. Maybe in the future I will lose interest, but at the moment I like the variation with us all. I meet people here online who I would be unlikely to in normal life.


    This just came to me, while washing my car, of all things….

    One thing I did notice when I was lurking (while having difficulty registering) was that the pages don’t auto-refresh on display.  Meaning, when I went to the Forum Page, I had to always refresh the page to see if anyone posted anything new.  Even clicking on the topic didn’t display the newest posts.  Selecting one of the “Recent Discussions” requires a refresh to see if there were any new posts.  As many of you probably already do, I find it easier to log in and select the “New Posts Since Last Visit” button.  Even then, if you select a topic, the page doesn’t automatically refresh with the new posts.  Only selecting the purple arrow takes you to the new post(s).

    Having said that, maybe newbies expect to see the latest version of any given page when opened?  Maybe, they don’t realize that there are new posts?  Can that be fixed?


    Test, GAG (Guys Ask Girls) is a super active site similar to what you described with at least fifty post every day. i have 430 guys that follow me on GAG and get at least twenty DM’s a day. i have dated twelve guys from chats on GAG.


    That sounds the ideal site to refer these guys who post here to bunny.


    I don’t know if it has changed recently, or always been there, but I have just noticed this part of the forum, which appears to be for men (see the forum front page):

    A Woman’s View

    This category is for men who wish to seek advice from Female Forum members. Men – please post your dilemma or questions here! Do not post in other sections.

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    Jen, Good Idea. I have gladly noticed none of the ladies here are responding to guys. so hopefully they will get the message we are opposed to male involvement in our group.

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