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    I’m Noelia, I am writing to you here because I need your opinion and advice.

    Lately I feel very down with my relationship, I have a boyfriend for 3 years, and the situation is not going very well … jealousy, strange behavior on his part … we do not have the same passion, kisses …

    The truth is that I feel very insecure with this relationship. The other day I caught him looking at photos of other girls and I think he is talking to another on WhatsApp.

    In addition and detected that he lies to me, I do not know even if sexually too …

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    Hi Noelia, welcome. I am sorry to hear things are not going well with you and your boyfriend.

    I feel that perhaps your relationship is coming to an end. Your insecurity is maybe telling you this. Relationships are based on trust and if he lies to you the trust has gone. It is not unusual for men to look at other girls, or even women to look at men but you are obviously worried by it which won’t help your relationship. Going beyond just looking is not a good sign.  My opinion is that it is time to move on before you get too depressed.

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    I agree with SpinningJen: you are obviously unhappy in your relationship. His jealous behaviour is worrying. If he’s openly looking at pictures of other women, maybe he’s not for you anymore. It seems you’re both unhappy.

    Perhaps it is kinder to end things now before either of you get hurt any more. Life should not be about misery or staying with someone out of hope they’ll change. They seldom change and both partners end up miserable. Do you really want to live this out like you’re a character in a country song? I do think you’ve got a lot of soul searching to do.

    Only you can decide to live in misery or move on and find someone new: someone who cares and is not jealous. You deserve the best in life: don’t settle for second best.

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    Oftentimes, not always, one’s jealous behavior and accusatory finger-pointing are ways to deflect from one’s own misdeeds.  We have an expression in the US:  “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”

    If it were my boyfriend, I would let him go.  Like you said…the passion is gone.  Like others said…the trust is gone.

    His jealousy will only get worse as time goes on.  It would be impossible to live under that microscope.

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    We have an expression in the US: “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”

    I love that expression. It reminds me exactly of something I read elsewhere yesterday. A former work friend was saying how many people were flaunting the lockdown and gave example of behaviour in a number of supermarkets he had been to. The first thing that struck me was the number he had been to, whatever the behaviours inside. I held my tongue lol.


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    Thank you all very much for your answers, you have helped me see things differently. How lucky to have people like that 🙂

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