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leaving this forum

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    I am leaving this forum.


    at the moment, , I am trying to delete over 5 thousand password reset requests, with more coming in every second


    I have tried to follow the instructions on here to change address, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried contacting the administrator, it doesn’t work.


    if your profile can’t be updated using the instructions provided, then their is something wrong with this forum- it is always down, too, at least at the weekends and when I went to post the holidays yesterday it was also down


    it was nice being a part of this website, really nice


    but nothing is being done about these requests, and to be honest I’ve far more important things to do than deleting them one by one


    I’ve had a few password reset requests, but five thousand?!  OMG, Emily!  I understand, but I’m sorry to see you go.  Take care.


    I have considered leaving this forum, but don’t want to cut off my nose in spite of my face. Because it is a good website and I love being here. Plus, I feel you’re all friends to me, which I don’t want to lose!

    Oh: most of you must also know me as Popcorn&Candy! Women Only Forum is great. I’ve been made to feel welcome and love its format, too. I have always posted on Internet forums, you see: and hope to continue to do so throughout the years.

    Anyhow, I shall stay here for as long as it runs.


    Hi Kitty! I have not totally left either. It’s somewhat quieter here but both places are very friendly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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