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Legend: Agatha Christie

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    I saw this legend of Agatha Christie on “Unsolved Mysteries” on TV yesterday.

    Agatha staged her own disappearance in 1926. She ran out of her mansion in the middle of the night. She abandoned her car at the side of the road. Her then-husband – Archie – was suspected of murder and causing Agatha’s disappearance. Then the police traced a name to a hotel. Agatha had used an alias of the surname Neil. I think it was irony, because Archie had a mistress with that same surname: whom he told Agatha about, because he wanted a divorce. Agatha must’ve had a real laugh at his expense when her disappearance was all over the newspapers and he was suspected of foul play.

    Of course Agatha was found alive and well. Archie and herself got the divorce and both re-married.

    What a story! And it is true! Sneaky Agatha. She certainly had her revenge on Archie.


    And they are still cashing in on it as they wrote a murder mystery for TV which involved Agatha solving the mystery when she was out of the spotlight. An interesting person who wrote some good books, most of which, I have read,


    I do enjoy reading Agatha Christie books myself. She had been an incredible writer and knew her craft. The world has never gotten bored of her timeless work.

    She was born in 1890, so had been brought up in England as a Victorian. Perhaps this is why she had such determination, disipline and ambition. AND she didn’t have a computer, didn’t have Grammarly: yet still managed to write stories with such few errors.

    An inspiration. Some may say she should’ve been born a man.


    I have read and actually still have most of Agatha Christie’s books as for her still being intriguing she was even quite recently the subject of an episode of doctor who.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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