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Lets Make A Change Together

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    Alright everyone…lets be honest with ourselves in this moment right now. If you can truly say that you are 100% content and happy with who you are at this time in your life and would not want to change a single thing… then I shower you with the biggest bravo possible.

    However, for most of us, including myself, there are many things that we would like to change, or characteristics that we wish we could acquire and mold into our current personalitlies.

    We come across individuals in life that shock us or amaze us because of their unique and admirable personalities right? So why not take the leap and make that change happen ourselves?

    Lets all get together and empower each other to make at least one change, large or small, in our lives, to better us as human beings. It can be anything you want, as long as you try to work towards that goal and make it happen.

    Why does this revolution always have to be “new year new me”? Why not start right now! Summer is approaching us shortly.. well speaking from the United States at least! Why not start making some change now, and then allow ourselves to thrive with that movement as we approach a new sunny and amazing summer!

    If you want to join, comment below what change you would like to make or are currently in the process of making and let’s share! Why have you chosen to make that particular change, how is it going to help you later in life?


    My personal change that I am going to focus on working on, is being more optimistic and allowing things to flow with more acceptance.

    I used to be a very optimistic individual however, the past 5 years of my life have been filled with hectic experiences, let down, and surrounded with negative individuals and influences. Therefore, I would like to revert back to my old positive self, but even better. I will do more work in my power, to not allow negative influences to trigger me or cause me to think in a poor manner. I am more than happy to be alive, and healthy, and have what I have in life. After all, the more optimistic and happy a person is, the better you will feel physically and mentally in my opinion.

    On top of that, I tend to have these ideas of what things will be or how they should play out, and when they don’t go the way I thought, I get very frustrated very fast. Therefore, I will also be working on having a more free flowing mindset where I will take things as they come. You cannot control everything, so take what has been given to you, and with the right attitude, you can make good come from everything.

    From this day on, I will work each and every day to be a more happy and positive person. I will steer away from negative people and influences, and I will keep my mindset strong.


    NOW, I challenge you, if you will, to do the same. Let’s join together and start making changes. Life is amazing and after all, time is limited. So do what you can to live the best life possible. There is no better time than now to change what you want in your life.


    Let’s hear it! What have you or what will you change?


    Best wishes to you all and thank you kindly for reading!



    I think with me it is often positive steps, but of a more minor kind. There have been times in the past when I have changed. I have changed career direction in a major way before. I used to say re-invent myself.

    Recent times has seen me distance myself from negative people and more openly communicate with people I don’t know. I suppose the last noteable change I made was at Christmas time as I got my (not unusual) depression. I decided to get out and walk it off. I am still doing that with over 10 miles a week. It is making me feel so much better as well as keeping me fit, and not as stressful on the body as jogging. I love chatting with the people I meet too. This is out in the countryside so mostly dog walkers.

    I cannot think of a major change, but that is not to say there are none. As I say though I am always looking for more minor ones and open to new ideas. It keeps my mind going and far happier.

    A good topic Rochelle. It will be interesting to see things from everyone’s perspective 🙂



    I have now made the steps of being more adventurous. I am willing to go around & about much more often. Years ago I also did this, but my confidence got knocked. I am now getting back up and back into a busy life.

    I am trying to be more optimistic. I will never be a positivity freak, but I CAN look on the bright side oftentimes.

    I also am continuing to be creative: not just with writing, but with conversations and how I approach my career/s and life. One career is as a published writer. My other career is as an office assistant. I will keep these up [as I have done for many years].

    This is a great thread and I look forward to hearing what everyone else has up their sleeves with making a positive change. Because I agree that change doesn’t always have to be in the New Year: change can be made at any time of the year. Because life can be hard, but can also be richly rewarding.


    Being a person that is newly retired for less then a month and I have always been of the personality of a non stop workaholic, I would like to start and work on making a change on stepping back and relaxing and just doing things at a much more slower pace. Even in this first month of not having to go to work I have found myself very antsy and always wanting to keep myself busy by dusting the house, doing laundry, vacuuming, or other jobs that not necessarily need to be done. I just need to take a step back a relax.


    Good topic.

    I think it is a great idea to stop every now and then and really think about ourselves, our lives, our aims and our desires working out what makes us happy or not and how to get to where we want to be .. Thats not where media, magazines celebs or friends tell us we should be but where we want to be ourselves.

    In the past couple of weeks my OH has had very good news regarding his health and  he made a suggestion to me.. But I worried.. I worried how I would cope, worried if it would be ok, worried about what ifs etc but then I sat back thought it through and realised I was building walls.

    So I let go, rationalised my fears and said yes to OH.

    Next week Im starting on the first step to adopting a new dog. Dogs have always filled our lives with happiness and fun the more the merrier so with that in mind we are applying to adopt an ex lab beagle to join us and Murphy.


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    I do so hope it goes well Cassandra. It’s no life for a dog, or any other animal, in a lab. He deserves happiness and a life out in the open air.


    I am succeeding in being more advendurous now. I just go for it and put aside anxiety. Having people who care around me does help. I just get on with things. Sometimes I want to hide away: but I think everyone does at certain times in their life. I definitely keep busy.

    Good luck everyone with branching out on your dreams and lifestyle desires. Because if someone wants something, they must try to get it for their sanity and happiness. No one should deny their wants and desires. At least, I don’t deny myself. It is hard sometimes, but I get up and get up and go for it. Others will try to stop you, but don’t let them bring you down, because everyone on here has a right to be happy and a right to be here and go for their dreams.

    That’s my penny’s worth for now, but heed my words.


    Even though I [mostly: within reason] go for what I want, I still feel envy of those with more. Do any of you ever feel that? Seeing someone branch out and live a happy life IS wonderful – and I would never take it from them – but I can sometimes feel a pang of jealousy.

    Basically, if you’re jealous, how do you deal with it? Do you get bitter and twisted? Or are you philosophical over your feelings? Do you copy them? Try to get to them? This all sounds horrible, but jealousy can make even the most confident person bitter with their lot.

    I just thought I’d add a tangent to this thread. Over to you.


    @KitKatKitty  Generally Im not en envious person. But I can understand it, there have been moments recently because of OH’s illness that I have realised that there are plans /things/ holidays that we will never take,  things I will never see because he cant do them. Then I do feel slightly jealous of those who dont have to worry about health but only in the sense that I would love to be that carefree again.

    Then again this week a lady I know via a dog group lost her husband without warning while they were on holiday (he wasnt even 50) at those moments I count my blessings and realise that life isnt all about the things you dont do or dont have but about the things you do have.


    I agree Cassandra. I can understand quite a bit as I am usually much fitter than my OH, who has problems with walking in the hills and rougher areas. I love being out in the rough, as long as the drops are not too obvious – my problem is heights.


    I don’t like heights myself, SpinningJen: they freak me out. I can sit on an airplane. I can go in a lift. But I cannot climb a ladder or look down a cliff without fear. I just imagine myself falling. I am not massively afraid, but I am nervous.

    Anyhow, it’s good that you’re into outdoor activities: they can be so much fun. I remember as a little girl going cycling around all the cycle tracks with my dad and brother: those were the days. I don’t ride anymore, but fondly remember those times.


    I still love riding out down the backroads and farm tracks. I have not been out for a while though. My bike is trapped in the shed. Once it is really warm I will get to it.


    You’ll definitely get back into riding your bicycle, SpinningJen. Unfortunately for me I can’t, as there are no cycle tracks and it isn’t safe to ride around town. It is a shame. I loved riding as a kid. Still, I have my memories.

    When you do get around to riding, don’t forget to wear your helmet! Not to be patronizing, but it is really important that you do.


    I can see why Kitty but I have never had a cycle helmet. When I was growing up they were very rare. It is a good idea to get one.


    I like to think of it as growth not change. We are always changing, whether we notice it or not. Nothing stays the same. But if we are conscious of our journey and our behaviours then we can direct change for the better. It’s very empowering t0 recognize that we are 100% deserving of love exactly as we are but we honour the gift of life by using it to evolve into the best human being we can be.

    This year I decided to go full-time with my life coaching and it’s going to require some changes in self-accountability and faith that the universe will support me. My mantra is to have courage and not be afraid to fail. Growth can only happen, either way.



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