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Letters from the Highlands

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    Introductions can be so hard sometimes. Especially in a world of just words. You lose the ability to read a person with there body language. So we can only judge by the way they portray themselves in literal formats

    Therefore here is my attempt to characterise myself.

    Hi, I’m Rowena.

    I live in Scotland but in reality, I’m a woman who is a born and raised Londoner and am proud of my heritage. Actually, if you like a real cockney. Being born within the sound of the bell of Bow. Which can be a curse or bonus depending on circumstance.

    I now live in  Scotland with now and hopefully forever partner and consider it one of the best things I ever did with my life I’m older than I look. I got lucky in that department and am now semi-retired.

    I look forward to indulging in the forum and speaking to people who be derived from different cultures and who have had numerous life experiences. Variety is always the spice of life as its been shown to be so.

    I hope to see some of you in the forums. I do comment sometimes on older threads as well as new.  The school of life has taught me much for better or for worse and I hope I can share this information when needed to perhaps give some guidance somewhat and even just a friendly word.  Considering the point in time that I have decided to join this forum I have a lot of time on my hands to do these things.


    That’s enough for my introduction. See you all around my potential new friends


    Hi there and what a lovely intro..

    I am also a born Londoner (in my case Paddington so not quite a cockney) although my OH is ..

    We are both now retired (OH through ill health) and making the most of life as long as we can.

    In 1990 we took the plunge and made the move to the Netherlands which is where we still live. As for being older, my son sometimes has to remind me that Im not 18 anymore, this is mostly when Im on a crusade or tirade depending on your viewpoint…

    The ladies here are very nice and we enjoy chatting and getting to know new people so feel free to jump in and commant on anything you like or start new threads of your own..


    Hi Rowena. welcome from England 🙂 . I too agree with Cassandra. A lovely intro!

    Except for an occasional visit I have not been to either London or Scotland much at all. Over the years I have spent short periods in other parts of the country but have returned to my roots.

    We do have a lovely group here. It’s good to have a fresh view on things as we are all different. Don’t hesitate to bring up an old thread. There have been some interesting ones, and people. On reflection, it would be nice to know where they are now but that is another thing.


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Rowena!  I echo what the other ladies said about your introduction.  I’m a former Army brat who was born in Germany and has lived all over the world.  I now live in my 26th address…the home I purchased when I was 26 years old.   I came to Colorado Springs with my family in 1986 and have never left except for vacations here and there.

    I enjoy reading the many viewpoints presented in forums such as these, whether or not I agree with them.


    Greetings from Northamptonshire! I live in the Midlands [in Britain, if you didn’t realize] and shall always live here. I have my own apartment and love the countryside-and-town combination.

    I moved here in the early 90’s and made myself a home. I went to school here, too. I must admit, I do often wish myself back at school: it was a quaint, small school. I also attended adult education classes after leaving school.

    That’s my life story! I look forward to reading your posts, Rowena. Also, cassandra is right: just jump in whenever you feel. Whether or not people agree with comments and posts, it is a versatile forum and we are all tactful with our views.

    Anyhow, welcome here: the highlands in Scotland sound gorgeous. My brother actually lived in Scotland for a year or two. It must be lovely there. You are so lucky.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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