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    For me. I have found new discoveries that I wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t have locked down.

    I have found more appreciation for the great outdoors and nature in general. It’s funny how when you could just go out when you felt like you really weren’t too concerned. But since it was restricted My love and respect of the outdoors has grown so much more. Once upon a time pre lockdown, I would have just taken the car to run to the shops or such like. Now I’m more inclined to walk there. Even even talking about going hiking with my cousin later in the summer. Me! Hike in the highlands? Not until now. But I want to now.

    Another thing that I have really found hard is not being able to have contact with others. I don’t mean talking. We can always do that but being able to show some affection. Just a hug or something. I have always been one to hug another female friend when I say hello or maybe a few male friends But being at least  2 metres away! This I have found hard. So now I think I know how important it really is to me.

    Just who I like and who I have found myself liking. For example, I have found I am a fan of Ricky Gervais. Who I knew existed but never really had the time for. The man for me is a comic genius. He has the ability to make me cry with laughter and in turn cry with sadness. There been a few new people and tv programs I have found myself drawn towards that I would have never even have tried before all this happened. Which I now look forward to sitting down and watching. for instance, I started watching Dexter a week ago. When it first came out I looked at it thinking Hmm Serial killer who works for the police. Sounds a bit blah. But I have really been enjoying it. Well as much as you can enjoy a serial killer who works for the police. Some of it even edge of my seat stuff. So there are a few of my new vocations.

    How about you all?


    Well Ricky Gervais… yes I loved an idiot abroad with Karl Pilkington and I have wept at afterlife.

    Ive read a couple of the Dexter books but never seen it on TV.


    Ive discovered Im not bothered if there is no one but OH and my daughter around. I dont care if I never have to go to another neighbourhood meeting or party or wedding again. I have re-discovered how happy I am being on my own wih my own thoughts and my own hobbies.

    Ive also re-discovered planning properly. We used to live in a village 5 miles for the nearest shop so when I did the weekly shop it was the one and only shopping. But living back in town has made me lazy and the last few years Ive let it slip a bit popping off to the shop because I forgot this or fancy that. Well covid has taught me to really plan make sure I have everything written down and to really shop for a whole week.. Ive also found its saving me money because I dont get tempted by midweek offers that I dont really need.


    I walk in the countryside everyday we are lucky like that but Ive realised just how having birdsong and the sound of the wind in the grass makes my soul sing in a way that the sounds of the town dont.

    Makes me more determined that when we sell this house we are going to move to an out of town place preferably with no neighbours but I know thats a rare chance.. One can but hope.



    We are home bodies anyway, just because we are small farmers and there is so much work to do. We do not go to restaurants or movies on a regular basis and I shop mostly online, except for food we don’t grow. I miss not being able to hug my son when he visits, we do stay 6ft apart. Our county turned GREEN so I can sell my produce at the market in town, but I think for the most part I will just put my veggies and greens out at our farm stand.

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    I love the countryside, Butterfield8. In fact, I live in Northamptonshire and it is one of the most beautiful counties you could ever live in. I have travelled far and wide here. I have also been abroad many times.

    Anyhow, you’re a woman after my own heart, Butterfield8: I could live in the countryside forever. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for me, but if I could, I would. I have also been to the countryside in Ireland: it’s gorgeous there. My family live there, too.

    You are very fortunate, Butterfield8!


    I have thought about this for a day or so, but must admit that I have not really discovered anything. In the main I think that the situation has shown some of the bad and good parts of human nature more clearly, although I was aware of them before. Perhaps the main thing that I see are the survivors. The ones who carry on living and adapting to the changing scene without getting sucked in by it. You don’t really notice them as they are not shouting out on everybody on social media or fleecing the public.

    Personally, except for the close contact things like my art group which has only been for a couple of hours every two weeks anyway and few other occasions as the children live away, my life has not really changed. I still do the same things, just with a closer eye to safety.

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    This sounds odd, but things are very dramatic at the moment. People are up in arms in America. People here in Britain are very excitable. It is all a huge drama. But when the coronavirus is gone people will move on. At least, I hope those many who have lost their loved ones do. I think because people do get very excited and – again – up in arms. There is always some drama in the world. This will always be the case.

    Whether people change because of these events, I do not know. All I know is, we are where we are and have to ride with the times and protect ourselves as best we can. If we change for the better, that is good. If we don’t, that is that.

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