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    This is shocking, of course. This link will add details to the event. Sadly two victims of the knife attack are deceased. I know this is a horrible event and I have not shared the link out of morbid curiosity.


    I read about that earlier today.  It’s heartbreaking, to say the least.


    It is sad and disturbing when anyone allows themselves to be influenced so deeply by a person , government or religion that they feel taking an innocent life is justified.

    Those people who intervened and prevented other being injured or killed really are very brave and deserve recognition for their selfless act.

    also on Friday there were reports of a stabbing in The Hague luckily the three people wounded were able to leave hospital after treatment. But last week two men were arrested after a tip that they had planned an attack with bomb vets and /or cars nearer to Christmas ..


    Normally my daughter and I go to a German Christmas market but the atmosphere in Bremen was so tense last year that she asked not to go this year and we will be visiting local markets instead.

    For her this is all new and very scary she has never had to live with the idea that someone would hurt her just for walking around a market or in a street. Having grown up in London during the 1970s and 80s its all too familiar for me.


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    It was the IRA back in those days Cassandra. They were, and still can be, just as evil.

    I prefer smaller local Christmas markets as the big one in Lincoln is an absolute nightmare at times, without even thinking about possible trouble. Thankfully it is usually pretty peaceful.



    @spinningjen youre right it was the IRA but whats in a name? terrorists are terrorists,  cowards who attack unarmed civilians or plant their bombs and run away murdering random people.

    Also I cant see why its ok to kill if your goverment tells you to but not if your God does… Murder is murder regardless of how its dressed up..


    I now understand that the attacker was released from jail late last year?  I’m not familiar with the criminal justice system there, nor am I an expert in ours.   It would seem to me that terrorists, like pedophiles, are pretty much guaranteed to re offend.  Why release them back into society?


    There are some restrictions on pedophiles, I think, but in general I think there are rules in place that automatically allow prisoners to be let out around half their sentence. That is why some judges specify a minimum time but I am not sure whether that is totally effective. The thing here was that he did not come before a parole board who could make any recommendation. A combination of ‘do gooders’, as they are called, and the government trying to further cut costs. It makes for a system which someone like him can manipulate to their advantage.


    My brothers worked in the prison service for years,  one until he died in 2009 and the other until 2014 when staff and budget cuts led to him being on his own while putting prisoners back into their cells. As he did so a man turned on him for no reason and before my brother could do anything the man had smashed his face and knocked out two teeth.

    Other inmates helped rescue him and other officers arrived shortly after but if there had been a knife involved he would have been dead. The compensation he got barely covered the dental treatment needed to repair his teeth.

    He knows men like this and others laugh about the new system, they know they will be out and about and not even have to convince anyone that they’ve repented or ‘found God’. The system just isnt working anymore it isnt a deterrent and it isnt doing its job.

    We use prisons to protect the public for dangerous people they are no longer just a punishment but more rehabilitation and we need to make sure they really have done their job in turning people around before we let them out , although prison costs are high the cost of letting dangerous people out too soon is far higher.


    That sounded really nasty Cassandra. I too remember a member of our prison service whose son was a patient I visited from time to time. As far as I know he was lucky not to have anything too violent happen to him but, from what he said, it sounded as if there could be moments. He took early retirement for the same reasons – the cutbacks making the work far more difficult and dangerous.


    I hope I’m never put in prison: I wouldn’t last 5 minutes, let alone years and years.

    Hence why I will never break the law.


    What will the Tories do to tackle knife crime?

    They now need to step up and make this country fight those that would dare stick a knife in others.

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