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    Question: Does anyone else ever feel lonely?

    I really shouldn’t feel that way.. I have a lovely family, husband and kids. But I feel like it’s not easy for me to make friends as an adult. I have some of my old friends from way back but they live pretty far away and I dont see them much. Really miss having a few close friends around.


    I know that exact feeling….I can be in a room full of people and feel like i am the only person there. I think because there is no one in the room i can relate to, or connect with. Even if it is a family event. Don’t get me wrong i know how to enjoy myself and have a good time but it is just a lacking feeling…..if that makes since.


    Hi mag. I think we all feel that way sometimes. I guess thats why I’m on this forum. I want to connect with other women ever if its just a cyber connection. So please participate and continue posting.


    I felt that way so many times in my life. I still feel that way sometimes! I just kinda got used to it since that’s not something easy to change. Maybe you could try enjoying your time alone? It might not make the pain go away, but it helps a bit.


    Yeah I know exactly what you mean unbroken2strong! Yeah, I think thats why I’m on here too.. I have a really busy schedule these days but I’ll definitely post as much as possible 😊

    I actially love spending time by myself lol. I’m a true introvert. I used to feel ashamed to be introverted and want to be different, but in the recent years I’ve started accepting that this is who I am. I love spending time with others too though, especially one on one, and have long, deep conversations. But I find it hard to make new friends as people probably tend to think I’m standoffish or boring 🙄


    I can understand that, magnolia. I have always preferred my own company. I’m not a recluse but I do often choose to be by myself. I have been coming to accept that is who I am, as well. This is the way I’m built: and it will always be so. I do socialize, though, and make the effort with myself and other people. I often read books and just browse the Internet. If other people don’t like it, I don’t care. I am my own person.


    I used to call myself an introverted extrovert. Mostly I am very quiet and if in a room full of strangers can often be there a long while with little communication. I feel lonely at times too, but it take me literally months to feel comfortable with anyone new. There are times though, when I love being centre of a crowd, even of strangers. I guess it is confidence.


    Hi Magnolia, you are similar to me really, a nice life, husband although the kids are grown up now. I work part time but their are not many ladies girls in my office to befriend. we also live in a small village and don’t know many people of our age. I am going to join a walking group soon so that should help but in the meanwhile long live FEMALE FORUM !


    I think these small forums are a marvellous solution to people feeling alone, but not wanting the commitment that RL friendships need.


    I agree, I truly feel involved in day to day problems and advice.


    I agree Mikki: long live Female Forum.


    [quote quote=149916] we also live in a small village and don’t know many people of our age. I am going to join a walking group soon so that should help but in the meanwhile long live FEMALE FORUM ! [/quote]

    This is perhaps the main reason why I started going to drawing classes. Our village is a fairly friendly place where people do chat, so it’s pleasant, but I have closer friends through art.


    I love painting when I have the time it can be so rewarding.


    Thank you all for your replies 🙂 it sounds like a lot of you know the feeling I’m talking about. Yeah, hopefully I’ll get to know you all better, it already seems like a great forum!


    I agree with that Magnolia. x

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