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    Hi ladies, my name is Julia and like the title of my introduction states I am looking for some fun and informative chats from some other females. I am a University Student studying Nursing and as you may have guessed from my username I love Disney. I also enjoy Celtic Punk Rock Music and 80’s Movies. I recently turned 21 so I do like to partake in a few alcoholic beverages from time to time and go out with my friends. I hope this place is a good match for me.


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Julia.  Our li’l corner of the internet is comprised of a very diverse group of understanding ladies from all over the world.

    Congratulations on becoming an RN soon!  The world can certainly use more nurses.


    I am 35 and live in taipei taiwan. work part time as model, exotic dancer and vip escort. I would be happy to chat any time on subject of your choice.


    Hi Julia, welcome from the Uk.


    Hello, Julia. My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka & coke. I am also a huge music fan: I love pop the best. Have you checked out Grimes? She has a fairly recent song called “We Appreciate Power”. It is awesome. Grimes has to be my favourite musical artist. I also loved Girls Aloud: their music is legendary. I still listen to their albums all the time.

    I look forward to getting to know you more!


    Hi Julia, welcome from the Midwest!  My name is Mary, I’m a work-from-home banker.  Way to go with your nursing program!  My DF’s an RN, and yes we absolutely need more good nurses, lol!

    What’re your favorite Disney movies?  Are you looking forward to the new Lion King?

    Which princess do you most closely feel you relate to?  And which would you most want to be?

    For myself, I’ve always felt I really relate to Belle: I’m very introverted and I love to read fantasy, and I’m often viewed as a bit of an oddball by most “normal” people.  And I have this bad habit of attracting really creepy guys.

    (sorry I absolutely love Disney, lol!)

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    Congrats on becoming a nurse…

    Im ancient so my fav disney films are the classics. If you dont shed a tear when Dumbos mum sings baby mine or when Bambi looses his mum youre not human..

    As for music, I was around for the first wave of punk ,s ex pistols clash etc always seemed too angry for me to really get into  although I do like some tracks. I guess Im more reggae and soul  although I listen to most things.


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