Lost Respect for Parent

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    What is something one of your parents did when you were a child that made you lose some respect for them?  Mine was when stepdad had intercourse in me at twelve when mom was shopping.


    I know it happens, but that leaves me a little speechless Bunny. Horrible. I hope you don’t have nightmares now. I thought my dad was bad as he was violent with his punishment. I know I was a rebel, but it did turn me against him. We were friends in the end, but it did make our relationship rather less close than it could have been. I just feel sad at times.


    Bunny, I can’t even imagine how horrible that must have been for you.  My childhood was a walk in the park compared to yours.

    I was punished for the smallest infraction…sometimes for things I didn’t even do.  I know…I was an only child, and we didn’t have pets…who else could it have been, right?  Oftentimes, my mother forgot that she hid things, then blamed me for taking them.  Of course, she didn’t realize it until after she had sent me to my room after slapping me around for “lying to her.”


    lost respect for my uncle for calling me foolish when i was in grade 7,mind you he was a guest

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    Your stepdad is evil, bunny1984. Did you ever report him? You must have been a scared kid. There are some brutal parents out there. I was lucky enough to have a fairly happy childhood. It wasn’t perfect but I wasn’t abused. Any young person reading this and recognising that behaviour in their own lives I would advise telephone childline. Adults can also phone a helpline. For anyone to go through that suffering is heartbreaking. But there are people out there able to help.

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    Bunny, I hope your stepdad is rotting in jail for the horrible thing he did to you. I can’t even imagine something like that happening.

    I grew up since a very early age with just my mom raising both my younger sister and I and although mom and I didn’t see eye to eye all the time I have never lost respect for her because I know how hard she has worked to raise me and my younger sister.

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