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    This is NOT spam. It is a bit of a plug, though!

    The website is really good. I have had a fair number of my books published with them. Plus, there is no fee. The deal is, they only print a copy of the book when ordered online. For instance, they don’t print – say 10 books – and hope to sell them. They print one book on order from the website. The great thing is, because of this, they don’t charge a publishing fee.

    My latest book is called “Legend 2019” and is a poetry book. I think it is a really good selection of poems. I am very proud of it. If you’re interested, just google and you’ll find it.

    Again, this is not spam, but I do feel it is a website you guys might find useful. It is worth checking out, I reckon.

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    It has been in my Favourites ever since you first mentioned it Kitty 🙂


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    My favourite poem on is “U2: Legends Of Rock”. Which is your favourite poem of mine, SpinningJen? I do also love “Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow”. It reminds me of gorgeous paint colours and the daytime sky. I am an artist at heart, you see. Which you are yourself: and a talented one to boot.


    I don’t really have a favourite Kitty as my mood changes and with it so does which poem of yours fits the moment. I was looking today and I came across ‘Lipstick Passion’. It instantly made me think of you. ‘U2: Legends of Rock’, although good, I cannot relate to as well as some of your more ‘down to earth’ poems as I am not a big U2 fan so am less interested. As I imply, it’s the poems of simple episodes of life which have more meaning. Many of them remind me of times past, in mychildhood and teens.

    I enjoy reading them 🙂

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    I’m glad you’re enjoying reading my work, SpinningJen. Of course, there are many types of poems of mine. I can appreciate your lack of interest in my U2 tribute poem. I realize not everyone has an interest or liking in U2 or any other rock band. Music is not liked by everyone, either. Although, I love, love, LOVE music. And not just U2!

    Carry on reading and do feel free to tell me which are better than others, etc. Don’t be too harsh, though! LOL.

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