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    …One of my favourite films. The next film on my agenda is “The Wedding Planner”. There are a number of other films I am planning to watch, too. Some are children’s films: like “Minions” and “Epic” among others. I have watched “Beauty & The Beast” [with Emma Watson] a few times. That film is another of my favourites.

    Anyhow, what films are on YOUR watch list?


    at the moment I have parasite on my watch list it’s a Korean( forgive me if I’m wrong ) film that won a lot of critical award last year.

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    I cannot watch hard-hitting or political films. I always stick to children’s films or just romantic comedies [rather than rom-coms]. I like films such as:

    1. Coyote Ugly
    2. Honey
    3. The Reading Room
    4. Behind The Mask
    5. Daughter Of The Streets
    6. Maid in Manhattan
    7. Pretty Woman
    8. The Devil Wears Prada
    9. The Greatest Showman
    10. Miracles of Heaven
    11. Erin Brockovich
    12. Cypress Edge
    13. Catch and Release
    14. 13 Going on 30
    15. Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness
    16. The Wedding Planner

    There are others, but those listed above are my favourites.


    [quote quote=229771]at the moment I have parasite on my watch list it’s a Korean( forgive me if I’m wrong ) film that won a lot of critical award last year.[/quote]  Yes, it’s Korean.  I really enjoyed the movie.  It’s a dark comedy that explores class divisions.


    That kind of film isn’t my personal cup of tea, but I’ve no doubt of its quality.

    I am rather selective of which films I watch and avoid deep, hard adult movies. I don’t like dark, violent material: I find no enjoyment in watching such films. However, I do like Jackie Chan. BUT – again – dark, violent films I absolutely steer clear of. I also avoid horror: I don’t enjoy being scared and never will.


    I do like

    Star trek and Ive watched all those movies..

    The dig was ok thats a bit of a romatic idea of the Sutton Hoo find.

    I like most of Tom Hanks films.

    Pretty woman was fun , Notting hill ditto..  I like English comedy.


    Kids films;  I loved Hocus pocus with Bette Midler and I like the Nanny Macfee films.

    the film Fire at the Charity bazaar is French but well syncéd and subtitled and that was really good based on a true event too…

    I did watch a great series that I think was derived for a film but again that was Turkish and sci fi ..


    I like science fiction and have watched most of the Star Trek and Star Wars films and series. I also like James Bond. Apart from those I think it is really down to different films from here and there, of most different types. I cannot really say what makes a film good for me. Usually I find that, in my opinion, Oscar winning films are not the best though and am not guided by awards.


    I loved Kpax with Kevin Spacey that was so beautiful , so sad. A sci fi film with a really gentle story.

    Ive never watched Gone with the wind.. I know everyone says its the best film ever but seriously? Just too much big dresses and swooning ladies for my taste.

    Meet Joe black is another film Ive watched many times I love the gentle story telling in it. The hard business story mixed with the family dynamic and the unfolding love story both of Joe as he starts to value what life means and to the girl who is in love with this stranger.


    For me a film with a good story beats the blow it up , glam it up , shoot it up genre.


    I have an 80’s movie to watch soon: The Secret Garden. I think of it as the Hallmark version, and while it strays from the original material some, it’s got nostalgia going for it, for me. And you get to see Colin Firth (playing Colin, hee hee) at the end! 🙂

    With the boys, there was a plan to see the second Anne of Green Gables miniseries. We finished the books before spring break and didn’t get to the show yet. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it no matter when we watch.

    I also picked up The Lake House recently. I remember enjoying that movie, and it had some Jane Austen references! 🙂

    Other than those things, I may dive into all the TV boxed sets I’ve got. Too many! 😉


    I do like secret garden just as much as I like railway children.


    hope you enjoy!


    Yes, I like the secret garden and railway children too!


    I still haven’t watched my 80’s movie. Maybe tonight? I’ve been watching original episodes of Star Trek. 😀


    I’ve been acting the maid in my apartment, which I love. I basically:

    1. Removed everything from my bookshelf
    2. I cleaned my bookshelf
    3. I re-designed everything on my bookshelf
    4. I got rid of a few items that I had no attachment to
    5. I emptied my bedroom top drawer
    6. I cleaned said top drawer
    7. I threw away items
    8. I re-organized my top drawer
    9. I re-folded blankets and bedsheets in my linen cupboard
    10. I sorted my shoe & coat cupboard
    11. I emptied my fridge and gave it a thorough clean
    12. I emptied out my kitchen cupboards
    13. Cleaned my kitchen cupboards
    14. Re-organized said cupboards

    I’ve been busy!

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    Your organising and cleaning is impressive and inspiring!

    I have the pantry cupboard to clear out a shelf at a time. Probably should do the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, too. And then I could try the bookshelves. I have so many, though, that I’ll need to take that task at a slow pace, probably. 😉


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