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    Im quite happy with myself this week.

    Im generally fairly careful about where I spend my money and how but this week Ive saved extra. I had to get those new tyres but by shopping around I saved myself €130 on the set same tyres just a different supplier.

    Then I ordered my tea bags,, I suppose if theres one thing we have never shaken off its the love of a cup of good old builders tea.

    I order huge sacks of tea bags from amazon. 3 bags each with 1100 tea bags, so 3300 bags and that costs me €49 incl postage. A decent brand here would cost €155 for the same amount which is a massive saving of €106 each order.

    I checked through my insurence this week too and compared online, Im swapping car and house /contents and saving €30 a month.

    Plus Im off to Germany tomorrow when we do a bulk buy and save € € € on all sorts of things from toiletries to bird food..

    I stack my store cupboard using the fifo (first in first out) rule so nothing goes to waste.

    Im not a miser but I dont like spending more on an item than I have to. Besides by saving and buying like this we are able to afford some of lifes little extras that might otherwise be over our budget.

    Anyone else shop around like this?



    I am completely the oppositte

    I know what I want to buy, and I know where I want to get it from, and then if I can’t find what I want at my usual place, I live by ” well, if amazon don’t have it, you probably can’t buy it”. something I was told when I was younger and just sort of stuck to it.


    if I can get a bargain/ low price on something, cool. I don’t look for them though


    congrats on the savings


    Well, I keep my accounts on my computer. I have two excel spreadsheets: one is a spending spreadsheet where I record all my shopping receipts. The other is my actual accounts. I record all the money put into my account and all the money spent. I record where the money is spent, too. I have done this since 2011. I am super-organized and fill in my spreadsheets daily.

    Because I do this I have not gotten into debt and can afford expensive items. It helps to be organized.

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    I’ve used Quicken for years.  I’m able to track my checking, savings, investments, credit cards, mortgage and other assets.  It downloads stock and mutual fund quotes so I know my net worth on any given day.  I don’t use all of its features, like downloading statements from financial institutions.  I prefer to “manually” reconcile.

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    I use a spreadsheet too which covers the weekly expenditure. I tend to keep the bigger picture in my head rather than get too involved in facts and figures. It would be too easy to find myself engrossed in calculations all day then having no time for anything else. ‘Quicken’ sounds a good idea.


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