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    This drives me crazy.  I’m part of a few feminist newsgroups, and these guys keep coming in to heckle peoples’ posts.

    I don’t understand what motivates them to do this.  How sad does a guy have to be to do something like this?  Some of them are just truly awful, I read a post this morning from a guy saying how happy it makes him feel to know that so many women are on welfare .. he said he likes the idea that women are dependent on men for survival.

    This makes me so angry, much more than I think it should.  Do any of you who are on facebook or any other social groups encounter this often?  How does it make you feel?  How do you normally react?

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    Either  ignore them or… Be overly  nice,, commiserate with them and say how terrible it must to be so emasculated that they feel the only way to feel like a man is to bully women online.. then block them!

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    Men who think like that are cowards: they’d never say such things IRL. They sit behind a computer screen, believing their words have no impact: and if they do, they’ve gotten away with it. The online world is always full of trolls and the whatnot. Again, because they’re behind a computer screen, they believe they’re full of bravery.

    Block any troll: and realize they are losers themselves. Or maybe they are so ignorant, they don’t know better. I don’t know, but when they’re found out, people won’t tolerate it. NO ONE likes to be insulted.

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    I think that the feminist thing may be like a red rag to a bull and attract attention. I do agree with Kitty in that such men are cowards. They are somtimes of similar attitude to rapists who like to show their power but are often very cowardly and don’t understand or even try to understand how to relate to people.

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    Any man who thinks like that is obviously insecure in himself, its pathetic as you say. How ghastly that this kind of draconian option still sits in society. I feel sorry for him…. how bad do things have to be, that he gets kicks from infiltrating women forums? I hope he’s reading this!

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    I’m going to start just blocking them, especially the repeat ones who clearly are trolls and hecklers.  I just really can’t understand it … I imagine it’d be like if I went to a community for African Americans and started trolling them.  These guys really, really must be sad 🙁

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    It seems that there are some things that everybody seems to have realised are just not acceptable like racism and anti- semitic jokes but jokes or views about women are just not sinking in.

    Never mind online in real life its just as bad, I bought a new (secondhand) car two years ago and the salesman couldnt accept that it was me doing the buying not my husband, he kept turning to my husband and asking questions and when it came to the test drive he held out the keys to my husband  who said ‘no point giving them to me …my wife does the driving’ The sales man looked quite shocked..

    The problem is laws can be changed overnight but peoples way of thinking takes a generation to change, sometimes even longer.

    Then of course the pendulum can swing the other way.. Ive seen several stand up routines by black comics which are simply all those old jokes re-written  using white people as the butt of the joke. The same goes with the Jewish jokes now translated into Catholic or Jehovah Witness ones. Then there are the radical feminists who take all those old jokes about dumb blondes and re-hash them into scathing jokes about men.

    I dont like ‘jokes’ that are designed to humiliate or hurt any group of people.

    To highlight the idiosyncrasies of a group of people or a train of thought is fine but to paint a negative picture of a group because of their difference is not,  the problem seems to be in finding out where that line is and how not to cross it.



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    Never mind online in real life its just as bad, I bought a new (secondhand) car two years ago and the salesman couldnt accept that it was me doing the buying not my husband, he kept turning to my husband and asking questions and when it came to the test drive he held out the keys to my husband who said ‘no point giving them to me …my wife does the driving’ The sales man looked quite shocked..

    I had a similar experience while purchasing my car nearly three years ago…

    My husband and I keep our finances separate, so I was buying my own car, but brought him along to “keep the salesman honest.”  My husband just returned from a business trip and was constantly texting on his phone, oblivious to everything that was happening (wasn’t helping me at all).  During the test drive, my husband was texting in the back seat.  The salesman, riding shotgun, asked him about his job and was sucking up to him, big time.  “Oh, you’re a meteorologist!  How fascinating!”…blah, blah, blah.  He couldn’t care less about me (which is fine…I’m not all that exciting), but he didn’t bother discussing the car’s features with me.  That was the V6 version of the car.

    There was an internal, nagging voice telling me to buy the hybrid version instead.  So, I went to the other dealership near the interstate on the south side of town.  Same deal…husband in the back seat.  On the on-ramp, she told me, “Now, drive it like you stole it.”  So, I floored it.  I was convinced, then and there, that I should buy the hybrid (instant torque).  While on the interstate, she went over the features and how they worked.  I really liked her!  Unfortunately, she/her dealership couldn’t offer me the best deal.  I ended up ordering my car from a dealership in Denver.  By the way, the internet salesperson at the Denver dealership is a woman as well.

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    I’m afraid I don’t drive – and never will – TestDummyC, but I get where you’re coming from.

    My sister drives: and has done for many years. However, when purchasing her new car last year, she had to have my dad with her. The car salesman thought Anna was my dad’s wife! But that’s another story. Anyhow, she tried two cars. Car one: the side of the seats kept knocking against her arm and was distracting – even though it drove beautifully. The second car – which she drives now – wasn’t as smooth BUT didn’t annoy her with the armrests. She went away to think about it and I said to her that if the armrests are really annoying her, she’ll regret buying the car. She took my advice and is now happy with her now year-old car.

    Back to the male trolls: they are cowards. They’d never say those things IRL. They’re losers, too. It is very easy to be brave at a computer screen, but saying those things to real people would scare those male trolls witless.


    I think they got upset one time we were buying a new car. The kids wandered off and were playing in one of their showroom models while we were discussing terms. They did not want to get too heavy handed in case we pulled out but they were not damaging anything and were safely out of the way so I was not going to get sidetracked. Because of this maybe the salesman’s concentration was iterrupted so things went more our way. It reminded me of the time when buying a new house. We were visited by a very pushy mortgage salesman. He soon met his match when one of the kids had a tantrum about something and the salesman couldn’t cope. Noisy children can be useful at times lol

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