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    I saw this last night and was blown away. Mars had actually had the same terrain as Earth billions of years ago. But because of the position of the planet in relation to the sun, the core cooled down, which meant the magnetic waves didn’t protect the atmosphere. This meant Mars could not deflect the sun’s rays. This – of course – caused Mars to become dry and dusty. But Mars is our sister planet and Brian Cox told of how humans will one day live there.

    Mars has always fascinated the world and now the world knows why. I definitely look forward to the day humans go to Mars: and live there.


    Looking at the mess we have made of this planet does any other world really deserve having mankind arrive and ruin it?


    I think we have a lot to sort out here before we even think about other worlds..

    I know if I were an alien looking down at this world I would either blow it out of exsistence or run like hell.


    Whose to tell the aliens are any better? Human life is a bit of a contradiction because, in nature, it is the survival of the fittest but it is our caring nature that we support the weakest too hence overcrowding and problems. Obviously a very contraversial solution but birth control may be the only solution?


    sadly radical birth control is not the only way to solve our overpopulation, the problem is that in our civilization and our humanity we have lost a lot of natural instinct and part of that natural instinct is knowing when it’s time to die and knowing how to let go. Our grief industry is huge, our medical centres are set up to extend life not necessarily to cure but simply to extend so that we do not have to face the prospect of death. This and the uncontrolled births  of babies (I’m sorry to say who really wouldn’t survive if it was survival of the fittest)  this is what drains society but of course you can’t say that without being compared to some of the worst people in history.


    And until we have addressed these problems until we have learnt how to control ourselves why should we let ourselves loose on other worlds and other civilizations looking at this from an outside point of view we are really nothing more than locusts.


    The human race has near destroyed this planet, so I see your point cassandra. We drop nuclear bombs, we have ethnic cleansing, we have concentration camps [in China], we use guns and knives… there is so much pain and suffering. Our beautiful rainforests are being saved, though: there is a campaign called “8 Billion Trees”. Check it out on YouTube. It is such a worthwhile movement to save our planet.

    Because I do care about this planet and the human race. In fact, I gave money to a homeless charity the other day: not for credit or thanks but because I wanted someone to have a bed for the night. I feel it important to give to the world. Not just money: but doing charity work. I also am passionate about saving our oceans from plastic. There are so many campaigns that I support.

    This is our future children’s planet: and we need to work NOW so that their future is brighter and they don’t live on a diseased, violent or nearly destroyed earth. We must act NOW. There’s no point complaining about the state of earth if we just sit there and don’t take action. We are all part of each other and I feel we will save planet earth. But only if everyone joins in the fight.

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