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Mature lady here

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    This forum looks like a lot of fun, different women from all over. I’m Terri, the ‘honey’ is a nickname I’ve had since High School. I’m 62 and live near Chicago, happily divorced, two grown children and three grand kids.

    Hope to have some interesting conversations.


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Terri!  I’m a little more “mature” than you in that I just turned 54 less than a week ago.  You’ll find that we’re a pretty diverse group of ladies here.  There were a couple of younger regulars, but they’ve probably been pretty busy.  I know, one got married earlier this year.  It’s nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading your perspectives.


    Hi from me too, 55 and counting..

    Nice to see new faces..


    Hi Terri, Welcome from the Uk here. I have two grown up children, one son and a stepson, and have one lovely grandaughter.


    Hello Terrihoney. I am mature myself: I turn 39 years old next week. Where does time go?!

    We are a diverse group here: and very friendly. You won’t get bored with all of us ladies!

    It is nice to have you here and I look forward to reading your posts: and maybe also offering advice if you’re needing it.


    Thank you all for the friendly welcomes! You all must be feeling older than your age, I didn’t consider myself ‘mature’ till I was offered a senior discount at a restaurant. Almost couldn’t finish my dessert! Time to stop coloring my hair.


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    Thankfully none of us are ready for the grave, either. Just joking!

    Anyhow, we have all been through a lot in our lives and have different opinions, views and perspectives. But, at the same time, tend to agree with each other. And it is also nice to have you here and other new members, too. Plus, it means the site won’t be shut down.

    Anyhow, we are wise women and certainly don’t mince our words, yet are still tactful and nice.


    53 here


    And 39!


    I must apologize.  I misread the original post, thinking the OP said she was 52.  That’s the reason for my “more ‘mature’ than you” comment.


    Hello from Southern Illinois.    I am new myself and thought this forum looked fun.   I like how you said you are happily divorced as myself and many others have been there.   Looking forward to seeing you in the forums and nice to meet you.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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