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May Monthly Thread

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    Step right on up and chit-chat here for May! No specific topics needed, but we generally talk about how our day has gone or what we’re expecting it to be like…

    To start us off:

    We’ve had a good Monday here, and I was able to attend two sessions of the province’s library conference, which is happening virtually this year. I wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise, but I’ll be able to check in from home, watch the livestreams, and catch the recordings later for any that I miss. (Probably a lot since we’ve still got school this week and the conference goes Monday to Friday…)

    And I forget all the other details of the day. Oops! I’ll try to pop in earlier in the day next time so I’ve got more brainpower. 😉


    HaHa – I usually pop in too early, like today so have not quite woke up and little has happened except breakfast.

    May has started differently for me as, being a bank holiday plus visiting my son, wife and grandaughter things changed quite a bit. They are well, which is good but the weather isn’t as it has turned blowy and wet, as well as still being rather cool. Oh well we had a week or two of dry!

    Enjoy your May 🙂


    May is starting to look busy with all the appointments I’ve needed to add to the calendar. It’ll be worth it to have the dentist check-ups done for two of the boys, though. And our last report card phone meeting! (The teacher who supervises my teaching used to come in person to visit us and see what we’d managed to do. I like doing it by phone, yet I might enjoy in-person at some point next school year if that resumes.)

    Today, I attended two library conference sessions in real time, and will get to others later as I’m able to do so. I love that most of them are recorded! I’m going to ask them to do a virtual component to all future conferences, so they can have more attendees. I wouldn’t have been able to attend if it had only been in person!

    Looking forward to the weekend with the boys home and Mother’s Day happening on Sunday. I could use some relaxation after this busy week is done!


    Library conference finished! Since it’s virtual, I have access to the sessions I didn’t get to attend live or catch up on during the week. I’ll try not to take too long to soak that all in, and then it can percolate in my brain as I move on to other things!

    Also got one kid to the dentist today, and I was the fun mum who rewarded everyone for the fact that he went for his checkup and cleaning – we bought cupcakes to bring home (and some for my parents when we take gifts to them this weekend for Mother’s Day and their birthdays both in May). I suppose we could make dessert a traditional treat when we’ve done dental maintenance. 😉


    It was rather wet here today so I spent some time in the greenhouse planting some Aubergine, courgette and cucumber seeds. The little pots are now in the house as it is warmer for them to germinate.

    This afternoon I visited mum. She was in good spirit so all was good!

    I am glad things went well at the dentist Rebecca. It is often not the most looked forward to place to visit.


    We’re planning to go out this morning to fetch floral arrangements for Mother’s Day (tomorrow). Once we have them, we’ll deliver one to my mum, along with gifts.

    Other than that, the day is open for puzzle-building, reading, and other relaxing activities. 🙂


    After my long walk yesterday I’m not feeling so active today. We will see!


    I returned a phone call about a transfer to housing in another city, but now I have to wait – the person won’t be in the office today, so it might be Monday or Tuesday until I hear more. If the timing works out, there would be a lot more accessible services for special needs treatments. I’ll try to get info from my younger sister about the cost of living compared to where I live now – she lives close to the possible new location.


    Good luck with that Rebecca. If it is anything like here costs can vary greatly. It’s good that you have someone closer. After working in one side of special needs here I know that it can be a problem. Some here have to travel miles.


    Even having to travel for vision assessments can be a bit of a nuisance, since we have regular optometrists here but have needed to go farther for things our optometrists can’t check. If we were living in a larger city, there would be something much closer and our costs overall would go down for medical needs.


    Yes, medical needs are often a worry for anyone. Even here, with the free healthcare, for anything special it can often require a long journey to one of the bigger cities. They are trying to centralise or reduce scattered provision, from what I see, but that just cuts NHS costs while increasing everyone elses.


    After consulting with two of my sisters, who live in larger cities, I decided against moving. Gonna see if I can get the services we need right here – even if I have to help start them up! It’s a bit cheaper to live here and we have so many outdoor recreation opportunities. It’s a really great place to raise active kids!


    I think being in a relaxed atmosphere can make a big difference to anyone’s lives. I really don’t know what I would have done in recent months if I had been completely closed in. Not being a city girl I do find them opressive for all but short stays.


    I was able to spend time with one sister on the weekend when she came for a surprise visit for my mum’s birthday. Really good time! We hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, so there was a lot of catching up to do!


    Yes I think there would be lot’s of catching up with my sister too but it’s unlikely I will see her for a while. She only lives about an hour and a half away but it takes some organisation as she keeps busy with work and her daughter / grandchildren.

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