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    former Meghan Markle now Duchess of Sussex has one style quirk that only recently noticed: She often wears heels that are too big for her.

    most popular belief is she is afraid any kind of skin breakdown or blisters.

    as a barefooter who hates footwear i wear oversize heels when mandatory.

    what do you think?


    picture her feet


    Wearing the wrong size shoe is wrong on so many levels. I will only wear shoes that fit: if that means wearing them  for 10 minutes to check in the shop, I will do so. You always have to be 100% the shoes fit.

    I think Meghan needs to fire her stylist. The shoe must always fit!

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    10 minutes to fit in the shop? That reminds me of the time I bought my walking boots. They needed to be perfect as I would likely walk miles over rough terrain. It took me about an hour in all and I went through two assistants as one clocked off for lunch lol. I am glad I took the time though as the boots I got are perfect. One reason I don’t often wear heels is that I never know when I am likely to walk a way and tiny heels wear fast. Even when at my son’s wedding last year half of us walked to the reception along a riverside scenic path. A distance of a couple of miles or so. Not far but comfy shoes are essential.


    wow Jen, a couple miles in heels is truly awesome. I hope the girls were suitably warned. When I have a lot of walking I generally wear running shoes and then slip the heels on when I go in.

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    obviously Meaghan has instructed stylist to procure oversize heels.


    wow Jen, a couple miles in heels is truly awesome. I hope the girls were suitably warned. When I have a lot of walking I generally wear running shoes and then slip the heels on when I go in.

    No Rhonda, I didn’t do the couple of miles in heels, I wore flatter more comfortable shoes as the walk was over, at points, rough ground. I have worn heels and walked all afternoon in the city, so perhaps well over a mile, but, although I don’t find it too uncomfortable as I never wear anything too high, I find one afternoon can wear them badly.


    Funnily enough, my heels saved me from a drenching today! Seriously. I went to a nearby garden centre and was behind an isle when the shop assistant came around with a hose. He told me he only hadn’t soaked me because he heard my heels in time! That was lucky. I very nearly did not wear those shoes today. Weird.

    Also, another weird thing happened to me: I was sitting down when a spider came from the ceiling and slowly went down and then simply dangled itself in my face. I think it was staring at me. But it was very strange: it knew I was there and just dangled.

    Strange but true!


    Little Miss Muffet lol There was a spider in one of my waterbutts last year which I got to know over the summer. I may well be wrong, but it seemed relaxed when I talked to it, explaining that I was only taking water and not to worry. I was so sad in the Autumn when I left the cover off for a couple of minutes one time. I think a bird got it. Maybe I am mad lol I think we underestimate the natural world.

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    I do actually like spiders, although I would probably step back in fear if I saw a large one crawl slowly from underneath the bed! I have caught – and released – many spiders over the years. I always put them in a glass and put them outdoors. I could never kill a spider [unless it was poisonous]. I am able to handle them, actually. [But not large spiders!]

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    I cannot wear heels because they hurt my feet.


    I find the same, Krystal. I do love shoes – and heels in general – but they can be painful, which is a shame. They look so gorgeous on. You see all the photos of the models, but in reality, heels aren’t so easy to walk in. I often twist my ankle when in heels. Still, on special occasions they are appropriate and I will wear a pair.

    What I do like are flatter shoes. In days gone flat shoes were ugly, but now there are so many designs to wear. They aren’t considered cheap looking anymore. It goes to show a woman can wear stylish shoes without being in pain.

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