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    By now all of you know I am pursuing becoming a Medical Doctor. This career has to work close with Medical Insurance companies and I would like to hear what you all think of the medical insurance in your country. It will be interesting to compare what people feel are the positives and negatives from there insurance from different countries?

    I am from the United State and my personal opinion is that every person should have affordable insurance. A person with a terminal illness should not be treated differently because they do not have insurance. To add to this the medical drug companies are extremely corrupt. When a person with a terminal illness such as Cancer can’t afford a medicine that will help them live longer and healthier and can’t get it something is wrong.


    If I were queen for a day, I think what I’d like to see is one single insurance company that has a government mandated monopoly and is non-profit, and everyone has to be a member of, and it negotiates costs on your behalf with medical providers, and pays costs.  I totally agree with your views, and I am so very glad there are so many doctors and hospitals who work with underprivileged communities to provide medical services.

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    I agree with you both.  There’s something inherently wrong with those profiting from decisions made regarding patient care.  I’m not saying that caregivers shouldn’t be paid what they’re worth, and oftentimes, they don’t.  I’m referring to to insurance companies which add no value.

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    In this country it is two tier to an extent as, although there if free healthcare for all via the NHS, people paying into insurance will likely get faster response. Often the actual care is the same, and even the same doctors. It just means paying to jump the queue. Personally I don’t agree with it as waiting lists are very long, but in looking at other countries, we could be far worse.

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