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Meeting my husband 5 years ago

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    Meeting my husband Curt was a great moment in my life.I met him in January of 2014,was 5 months after my divorce from my 1st husband became final.Met at the right time too,met him from a good friend of mine.I saw him smile after he noticed I am a redhead and my German accent.Told me he loved my German accent and that I am a redhead telling him thank you.Found out he was divorced too,clean fresh start for both of us at the same time.Asked me on a date telling him yes.First date looked me in the eye more than 10 seconds and we fell in love after that.He also loved my name too.It clicked with both of us ever since.Remember when he finally did it proposing to me on Valentine’s Day of 2015.Said he had my Valentine’s day gift from me,got on one knee and asked me this: Mika,will you marry me?I was surprised for a second and told him ja which is German for yes.June,it will be our 4th wedding anniversary.So far it has been great for us,happy together ever since.He is a great step dad to my 3 daughters and I am a great step mom to his sons.Our future looks great and he has been great to me.A year ago,he supported me very well.It was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer caught early in my right breast.He was there when I was diagnosed and hugged me,he was there through everything thing to the day finding out I was cancer free.Curt says he has his own Heidi Klum now.Me,he is a great big guy with a heart of gold to me.


    Ah that is lovely Mika, falling in love is wonderful although I did that way too often in my younger days. Getting butterflies in the stomach was because when I thought of which ever boyfriend I was with at the time I could not eat lol.

    I am happy for you, I imagine being a stepfather to someone else’s children is not easy.


    My daughters like and get along with my husband


    That’s wonderful, missmika. I’d love to fall in love myself. I am glad your dream came true and am sure you’ll have many more happy years together.

    Out of curiosity, are you fluent in German? My sister is fluent in Swedish. There is common ground between both languages: or so I’ve been told.


    I am fluent in German,the Swedish use Ja too which was used in the movie Fargo a lot


    [quote quote=209987]I am fluent in German,the Swedish use Ja too which was used in the movie Fargo a lot


    Us Dutch also use Ja …


    Swedish is a beautiful language. My mother was Swedish, but I was never taught it. Still, I had trips to Sweden virtually every year as a kid. I love it there: and always will.


    I was rather good at German at school. I didn’t continue my German studies but I was a natural. French has been harder for me: I tried and tried to pick it up easily, but simply couldn’t. I struggle with my French. Still, I can read a limited amount of French text. But when it comes to speaking it, I am much slower. It is a shame because I LOVE the French language.

    What languages are you good at and not so good at?


    I did study French at school, but not at a later option, but I can often follow it to some extent. I liked the idea of learning German but found it absolutely impossible. Interestingly, although I cannot understand the spoken language at all and have limited skills with reading, I have found Russian a language I like. Half the battle seems actually to be in understanding the characters. Once this is understoood many words, particularly modern ones, do translate almost directly although the pronunciation and accent would make them less understandable when spoken.


    Russian is an incredibly difficult language to learn. Actually, many people studying English find English very difficult. It is only because we were born and raised with the English language that we find it easy. My mother was born Swedish. She learnt English at school and moved to Britain at 18 years old. My mother was brilliant with her English. She was 100% fluent. My grandmother also spoke English. Although now at 95 years old, she doesn’t.

    I would LOVE to speak a foreign language. Alas it’ll never happen, but it would be a dream come true.

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