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    Its today and yesterday I read a disgusting post on FB.


    A lady was moaning about people talking about ‘depressing stuff’ she went on to say that someone had opened up and told her about the abuse they had suffered as a child.

    But instead of offering help this woman had taken to social media to bitch about how it was depressing and how she didnt want to listen to this person moan.

    This same woman often posts about her feelings/problems and hopes for nice messages. Ive offered her lots of help and advice looked out links for resources for her ect.

    Well no more,  after a very heated post in which I offered a few home truths I have removed her from my friends list.


    So if you are going to share a post about MH offer to be a listening ear etc then do it without being a hypocrite. If you cant help tell the person that although you understand their pain you are too overwhelmed with your own problems at this time to offer any help..

    But never ever listen and then sneer at them in public via social media. Lord knows what that persons tipping point might be and seeing that post where they are made to feel like a burden might just be the last straw…


    Please think about what you say before writing and remember if you cant say something nice (constructive ) say nothing.

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    Please think about what you say before writing and remember if you cant say something nice (constructive ) say nothing.

    That’s the key Cassandra. I often have to bite my tongue! Luckily, although many of my friends tend to be politcally motivated, at least with comments, I come across few nasty comments. I think many people do not think about the many sides of what they are saying. I try to avoid controvertial issues unless I can make positive input.

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    I know I can be a bit ‘tough love ‘at times but never with anything like depression.

    If Im ever tough love its because someone needs s shove to make them motivated. Often people know the answer they just dont dare take the first step . However with support its totally different in that case I know its a case of gentle ears that listen a shoulder to cry on and massive amounts of trust.

    I know I have that from quite a few people who have told me very difficult things from their past , things even their families dont know. But they know what they say to me goes no further,I wont mention it again unless they do.

    Having come from a family devestated by the effects of depression and mental health problems and now having my husband and son both suffering illness they cant beat I do understand how it can get overwhelming. So to know that someone has trusted what they thought was a friend and then to see that person betray their trust hurts a lot.


    I did get a lovely message from somone else about the FB post though.. She also suffers depression and had felt stabbed in the back (her words) by that post, my outburst gave her a boost and made her feel she wasnt alone or wrong in the way she felt. So some good came of it in a funny sort of way.


    Mental health problems are incredibly common. I remember I suffered depression as a teenager: and therefore messed up at school. Fortuntely I did still get my qualifications [with a little help]. But I know all about mental health and would NEVER do the same as the woman you’ve posted about, cassandra. I have empathy: not criticism. And you’re absolutely right: her comments were disgusting.

    Mental health needs help and support: not judgement.


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