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    I see the doctor regularly and – due to emotional wellness/depression – I shall be seeing a psychologist and counsellor. My doctor and I both feel this will keep me dealing with issues that always crop up. Because I have suffered depression in the past. I wouldn’t do anything bad or the suchlike, but I can feel down. I feel a counsellor will benefit me a great deal. The psychologist will just help me figure things out.

    Because I do feel lost sometimes and don’t know north from west. I definitely need more friendship in my life and am working harder at maintaining those friendships. But when you’re feeling down it can stop you socializing like normal. I do want to keep my friends – because they are dear to me – but depression makes socializing difficult at times.

    Would you consider counselling for your own self?


    I do hope you keep moving on Kitty and improve your feeling of things. I know a little bit as quite a while ago (10 years), at work, I found things so stressful that I was getting very depressed and going downhill. It was not helping homelife either. The boss was reluctant to accept any issue and when I visited my doctor he referred me through. They thought me suicidal but that was never the case. It did move things quicker though. I had some councelling, which seemed strange, and was put on anti-depressants. I don’t like taking medicines, especially things I could get addicted to, so took few and was very wary. After a while I said I was coping without them and the councillor decided I was Ok so it all ended. It didn’t stop the stress at work much but did help.

    Yes I still get a bit depressed at times but keep myself busy. I know it is something you say and it does remind me of how I am. Don’t forget we are here and thinking of you.


    Firstly thankyou for sharing, MH issues are still mainly a topic to be hidden away and not talked about. Its ok in others but we try to avoid admitting that we might be affected.

    I do feel that its a very personal matter and the counsellor must be intune with and aware of the issues you are dealing with and be able to offer the type of support you need, while some people do well in group therapy or support groups, others need one to one or even CBT to adjust behaviour patterens.

    I am a hypocrite in these matters as I often both here and in RL advise people to seek professional help and yet I avoid it.

    The reason is simple.. I have a very logical brain and so when faced with a situation my brain kicks in and says ‘how do I find a soloution’ ? and never ‘how do I get help’? .

    However, after the suicide of my brother in 2009 (the third such event in my family) my body went into shut down and my GP recommended grief couselling and feeling that it might be time to give in and try I agreed to go along with it.

    I walked in, the woman looked at my notes and said ‘OMG three family members have taken their own lives , I dont know how I would cope if I were you’… My logical brain kicked in and I spent the next hour explaining all the statistics and risks involved, the part that MH played in the events etc etc . At the end of the session she said ‘I dont think theres any point in you coming again you seem to have it all worked out’ Yes logically I did but emotionally it had hit me hard and  without warning I went into menopause at 44.

    For me socializing has the same effect, Im the one people feel they can turn to, the one they come to in times of crisis. I know things about neighbours that only their doctor should know, Im privvy to too many secrets and that makes being social and extra burden for me.

    So for me time alone with my dogs and /or my camera is the best therapy.

    However I still think that for the majority of people having that special person who is bound by law to keep what you say private is a wonderful release valve a place to share fears and worries and never have to wonder if it will end up being used against you in some social setting. (it would also make life easier for people like me who dont get training or payment for it)


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    Have private messaged you back KitKatKitty as promised!


    In 2000, I suffered from panic attacks and was referred to a psychiatrist by my primary care physician.  The psychiatrist prescribed a serotonin re-uptake drug in conjunction with behavioral therapy (counseling).  It turned out that I had been experiencing a lot of stress in the prior year, and it culminated in such a drop in serotonin that I was experiencing panic attacks…even when not in stressful situations.  I was weaned off the drug after 1.5 years and continued seeing the therapist for about three more years.  He helped me tremendously!

    I’m glad you’re seeking support Kitty.  There is absolutely no shame in it, especially if it helps you deal with whatever stressors you might be experiencing at this time.

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    I have found all your responses interesting. Mental health used to be a taboo subject, but nowadays it is more accepted. It can still be difficult to discuss it with someone, but talking to a doctor does ease the burden. Because I am glad to have the treatment and the support. One-to-one therapy is my choice. I would feel too uncomfortable in a group setting. Issues I do have to deal with. But, anyway, I read your post, TestDummyC with interest: panic attacks are awful, so you’re not alone. I am glad you sought the treatment that helped you. I can understrand what you went through.

    I am glad to have started this thread. I certainly look forward to other responses.

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