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    That’s an even better twist than I had on it. 😆

    My mum is older than that, but she is as fit and still looks very presentable.

    I would not mind, I think, other than the fear of her being hurt.

    Ironically, if she had a minder, I would be ok, but it would be illegal I think?


    yeah no pimps allowed (at least in the UK)


    I think it’s sad that these women have to go this route to sustain themselves – an occupation I doubt they would choose if they were able to earn a decent living by other means; at the same time it is incredible that they can still attract and indeed earn a living by such means.

    OMWord – my mum in this profession… Unimaginable lol but I guess one has to do what we gotta do!


    I also think anyone should wear whatever they wish to no matter their age.


    I totally agree with you Elena! Live and let live, right?


    You’ll never want to wear leather again:

    Is this show still going? Maybe they need to do a series, where are they now!


    miniskirts are what I wear almost every day. I go commando with them aswell cos I love the feeling when a boy looks up your skirt and sees your pussy/ass

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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