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    Thinking about the thread Money too tight too mention. I wondered if we might all share any money saving tips we have that can help each other through tough times or just that week before pay day when pennies are tight.

    One of my favourite apps at the moment is Too Good to Go which I know is up and running in the UK  too,  it basically allows you to log on and buy a bag of groceries that would otherwise have been thrown away because they are at or near sell by date. You dont know what you will get but obviously a bakery sells bread /cakes ect a sandwich bar would have sandwiches rolls maybe juice.. But your bag contains 3 times the value you pay.

    If you like cooking its great fun tipping out your bag and working out what to cook plus of course most meals once cooked can be frozen in portions for other tight money days..


    We also buy refill hand soap in a bag that saves 70% packaging material and is much cheaper than buying pump dispensers all the time.


    Anyone have some good money saving tips or apps that help stretch the pennies?



    I do buy the ‘wonky’ veg at Morrsons as it is cheaper than the usual perfect examples. It is often worth looking on the discount shelves too although supermarkets have got wise and often don’t discount produce that is going out of date on the same day until late in that day.  After events such as Christmas it is worth looking for seasonal things which are reduced. I bought three packets of ‘winter blend’ ground coffee last week from Asda at half price. I did the same from Morrisons last year. If you can do it it’s worth buying in larger quantities or bigger packs but be careful as it is not always worth doing so as prices may not be advantageous and more means having storage space and really wanting what you are buying.

    I do buy larger joints of meat than I will use when the meat is at a cheaper price and cut up into smaller portions when I get home and freeze those I am not using for the meal. I sometimes  split up sausage packs that have been reduced to freeze too.

    When out I usually try to plan trips such that I am gaining the most from my driving. I plan a route and time so everything is in order and I am not wasting petrol. That way I can call at different shops etc and not feel guilty or it costing much more, except for what I buy 😀

    This also brings to mind my tub of Hazelnuts currently on the table too. I picked them out in the countryside last autumn. I have ripened them in storage. Although smaller than shop bought they are far tastier and free! They were within yards of the blackberries and sloes I picked at the same time.

    Not having a smartphone I don’t use apps and, except for herbs and spices, don’t generally buy food online.

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    What I do to save myself is do the obvious and buy products on offer. I also buy things in bulk. Keeping my accounts on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet helps me keep track of where my money is going, too. I fill it in daily. I have done so for many years and keeping track of my spending this way keeps me within budget and allows all my bills to be paid. Because bills must ALWAYS come first. Only buy luxury items after paying your bills.

    Another tip is to only buy what you NEED. Say, you see a shirt you like, it may be on offer, but how often will you reach for it? Only buy what you can afford, as daft as that sounds. Paying for things in instalments also works. I have done so for many things. Of course, not all companies except this and want the bill paid in the full amount. But – if you inquire – they may accept this method of payment.

    Keeping a savings account and a regular payment into it works. Also, buying only what you need is vital to keeping within your budget. It is so easy to buy everything you see, but do you really have the funds to do so AND pay your electric bill? Forethought is vital: especially when in the shops and online.

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    Absolutely agree bills cone first .. but a good tip is to check each year if you are getting the best deal from phone, cable and energy suppliers. We also check our insurance each year to make sure we are not paying more than we should. Some companies offer a discount if you have more than one policy with them and offer discounts if you pay per quarter , half year or yearly..  its worth looking into because all those 5% discounts can really add up on a yearly basis.

    When shopping we cant coupon in the way you can in the states but we check the specials cook in bulk and freeze the extras and of course once a month I go to Germany . Its along drive there and back nearly 200 miles but well worth it when i work out what  i save.. just buying parrot food there saves the petrol money , but petrol is also cheaper there so I fill the car saving more money and we buy all our bath and cosmetic needs there saving yet more money plus normal shopping.. Each trip saves my daughter and I about €200 each .. and then times 12 ! It really adds up but it does take some effort..



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    I find this site informative.  Some things may not apply to those outside the US.  He still has good universal tips.



    Something I recommend is try to eliminate disposables as much as possible.  I use cloth handkerchiefs instead of facial tissues … not only do you save money, and it’s also better for the environment, but also they’re sooo much gentler on your nose.  I use one a day (unless I’m really sick, then I might go through five or more) and then wash them at the end of the week.

    You also can use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels … buy a bunch and keep them under your sink.  They absorb better, don’t tear, and wash really well.

    And a bidet in your bathroom.  Really saves on toilet tissue, and is also so much more hygienic.

    My number one money saving tip: cook your own food.  Eating out is extremely expensive, and adds up fast.  You’ll literally save hundreds of dollars by cooking everything yourself.

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    We make a lot ourselves.. OH brews his own beer and wine, the red is to die for…

    I have a small garden but two grape vines against one wall and two small apple trees bear enough fruit to keep us in grape jelly apple sauce and apple and blackberry (picked from the commom) jam for a year. I grow tomatoes in large tubs and Ive grown bell peppers the same way not enough for feeding us but more than enough to make chutney. I make my own yogurt too,

    As for the disposables we gave up buying bottled water and soda and bought a soda stream we worked out that just with that one machine we have save over 2,000 plastic bottles in the first year.

    I try to avoid those awful wipe things baby wipes, makeup wipes ,cleaning wipes, glass wipes ,the list is endless and most contain plastic they  wont degradeand they cost a fortune. Microfibre cloths are used all over our house different colours for different jobs/areas of the house and they are great.

    We are also care about measuring out things like dish soap and detergent. OH has worked in many of these companies and  he knows they rely on the consumer using too much to boost their profit so use a measuring cup..A little less will still clean without clogging your machine and it will put the profit back in your pocket instead of the big corperation

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    My sister bought a soda stream herself online. I think everyone is aware of just how much plastic and wastage there is in the seas and landfills. It is truly shocking.

    BUT there is hope: so many people now realize the badness and danger of plastics on our wildlife. I have seen YouTube videos of marine animals getting caught by plastic and such other items. Thankfully, a lot of animals are helped by divers. But marine life is lost otherwise. The world is banding together, though, and I believe we will control and stop our planet being ruined by rubbish and poor waste disposal.

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    … or else we’ll end up like in the latest Doctor Who episode XD

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